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by Karla ° Friday, January 19, 2007

I feel like a new woman today. My body appears to be recovering from a bout of self inflicted Chinese Torture by means of nap deprivation and I had a total of seven random hours of blissful slumber in a 24 period. That is the most sleep I have had in weeks.

The animals are adapting well, if you call the cats’ indifference to another human life form in the house adjusting and using Costco bones and mozzarella cheese as a means of distracting the dog attention away from the baby. When Samson does get a little too turned on by the smell of dirty diapers however, Sebastian the cat steps in and hisses and spits and swats violently with his razor sharp cat claws that I keep forgetting to trim. I have finally found justification in my neglectfulness.

I am starting to wonder how come the marvels of evolution missed the boat on equipping babies with a snooze button. How blissful would it be if you could push their little noses and reset their hunger clock for nine more minutes because yes – an extra 540 seconds of sleep really is that important.

Tough Love:
When Nate was in the NICU the nurses asked if they could give him a pacifier. I was still determined to breastfeed and knew that might impact the transition onto the breast, but he just looked so helpless that we wanted to do whatever we could to make him comfortable. Also, I wouldn’t allow them to supplement him with formula and insisted on expressed colustrum only while he was still attached to his feeding tube of sugar water. The least we could do for the poor kid was let him satisfy his need to suck while he hung out all by himself in his lonely little isolate. And satisfy his sucking reflex he did. When flailing arms prevented him from keeping a finger in his mouth, he sucked that little paci like a champ.

Once Nate’s feeding tube finally came out, learning to breastfeed was quite easy for us, and I am forever indebted to his night nurse (who just happened to be getting certified as a lactation consultant) to help us get things started. All the hospitals lactation consultants were on Christmas holidays and after unsuccessfully latching him to my breast in the beginning, we were finally able to make the transition by first using my finger and a lactation aid (a feeding tube attached to a dropper of colustrum) and then eventually transferring him to my breast with the lactation aid until he mastered how to use his new food source on his own. At that point I thought I had a brilliant baby on my hands when he seemed to be able to coordinate the different mouth muscle required to breastfeed versus suck on a pacifier, but as turns out, he is a product of humanity and follows the path of least resistance because recently his latch has been suffering from me sticking a pacifier in his mouth when I can’t make him stop crying. I have resorted to tough love and banned all pacifiers until we perfect his latch, unless of course his hissy fits and grief-stricken crying sends me crumbling a slow painful death to child torture hell first, at which point Mark can feel free to get some sleep and resume stuffing artificial nipples in his mouth.

I am trying to remain calm and see past the red haze of panick exploding out of my head lately because holy fuck, Mark’s benefits did not cover my six day hospital stay when Nate was born. I know. Wah wah, what’s the big deal right?

Had we known, we would have been better prepared financially. Our government pays for Ward rooms here, but insurance through your place of employment almost always covers semi-private rooms, which is what I stayed in. Apparently, Mark’s place of employment is one of the only companies that doesn’t provide hospital coverage. I would have shared a bathroom with three other woman instead of one had I known we would be paying out of pocket. Also, I would have at least gotten my money’s worth and threw a postpartum tantrum over being served grilled cheese sandwiches three nights in a row, including Christmas dinner, made with rubber condom flavored cheese and gremlin ass.

You have to admire Samson's determination to fit in.

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I still well up with tears each time I see a new Nate photo. I'm still so happy and amazed and filled with joy for you. Your son is beautiful. It always makes me so happy to see a baby born to a family that is going to cherish every second of their life. Nate is a lucky boy to be born into your family. He is extra lucky to have a family that includes a Samson and sharp clawed kitty. Samson will adjust just fine as soon as Nate gets older and figures out that he can ride around on Samson like a horse. You will be extra happy to watch your son explore everything about having a dog. Yesterday I caught my son pouring water on the floor just so he could lick it up like the dogs. I shuddered but my mom informed me that since I have a boy, its perfectly acceptable for me to let him lick the floors. Ooo I laugh at all of the joys you have ahead of you.

Oh, I remember those days of no sleep! I don't know how we managed, stumbling around hardly knowing which way was up.

That totally sucks about the hospital room!

And, is that an adorable purple mouth I see in the picture?
Posted by Blogger Gina :  January 19, 2007

Well, I'm glad you're getting a little sleep in there. I hope that things work out with the financial end of it...It's not easy to worry about that with a new one at home. I do love Samson's determination to fit in...That's so sweet!

hahahaha haha condoms and gremlin ass hahahaha I almost fell off my chair!! I do know what hospital food tastes like as I have had my fair share of hospital stays this is why my mom use to go get me stuff from timmy's or mickey d's or what ever was in Sick Kids at the time
Posted by Blogger rachael :  January 19, 2007

I thought you lived in Canada? Don't they have free health care in Canada? Have they all been telling me lies?!? I'm not trying to make light of that situation; truly, it sucks. But I really did think it was free there...
Posted by Blogger Jules :  January 19, 2007

Congrats on the beautiful baby. Let's hope the hospital bills turn out to be much less than anticipated.
Posted by Blogger Egan :  January 19, 2007

You sound like me with the hospital bill. We live in the US and IMO our ins sucks. It was my shock to find out my husbands ins only covered a tiny amount of my delivery and left me with the huge giat thousands of dollars in bills.
Posted by Blogger Heather :  January 19, 2007

huh! I thought you all got great health coverage in Canada. Sorry to hear about the room bill. But congratulations on the beautiful boy!

My son is almost 15 mos. As much as I don't miss the days you're having now, I can't believe how quickly the last 15 mos went by. Enjoy!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 19, 2007

Yeah, that hospital is not pretty once it comes in.
I was lucky that Mario's work covered my room. I wanted to go private but I found out work didn't cover that, I said forget that. Lucky me, Mario's work cover the semi-private.

I sure do not miss those days of not sleeping. I am very lucky that Ethan sleeps in everyday till about 9-9:30. If I am really lucky it's 10am.

Hang in there, sleep with come.
Posted by Blogger Tammy :  January 19, 2007

Posted by Blogger Tammy :  January 19, 2007

I guess I need to clarify on the hospital bill we received. Yes, in Canada our health care is covered, but for the actual hospital room, the government pays for Ward rooms only (4 to a room). I stayed in semi private. There was no cost to see the doctor or for the surgery - just the room bill.

Most companies benefits plans cover at least a semi-private hospital rooms. Mark's insurance, unfortunately as we have learned, did not.

Our goverment also does not cover medicine. Work place benefits usually cover a percentage of that cost.
Posted by Blogger Karla :  January 19, 2007

We still pay for medical insurance in Canada it's not FREE! It's just not freakin outrageously priced like the US!

And some places of employment even pays your medical and offer Extended medical plans that will cover a percentage of prescriptions / medical needs ie: Ambulance service,chiropractor , physiotherapy , semi private and private rooms during hospital stay !
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 19, 2007

7 Hours! That is great.

Sorry about the room bill; even a little expense is shocking when you are not getting a full night sleep; it is just one more thing to worry about.
Posted by Blogger Day :  January 19, 2007

Ilove Samson's awkward attempt at cuddling! Poor dog. Don't worry...I neglected our dog, Rolo, for the first 3 months of Avelyn's life but he forgave me and we're reconciled.
It sounds like you are doing so well, Karla, despite the sleepiness. :)
Posted by Anonymous Amanda :  January 20, 2007

Well, in place of a pillow to rest his arm on... Samson is just trying to be useful. ;) The first time I've ever though about grilled cheese sandwiches and thought "yuck!" Argg- sorry for the surprise bill- that totally blows.
Posted by Blogger Jessica :  January 20, 2007

Sorry about the bill-good luck negotiating that.

Don't be afraid to use the paci,my girls don't have trouble knowing where the good stuff comes from! Good luck, hope the feeding goes much better.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 22, 2007

I feel your pain about the medical bills. Oh, how I feel your pain. With our first baby, both my husband and I were working for our county government. I was told by our personel dept that I had time built up so I could take all those weeks off and still get paid. Don't worry about it, they said.. all is covered. Well, when it came time for my check to come.. tick tock.. tick tock... no check. After a couple weeks of hounding them relentlessly (on no sleep with a newborn.. you know how it is), come to find out they made a H-U-G-E mistake and told me the wrong info. So I wasted every last drop of my leave time, unpaid, and that sent our finances into a tailspin for a number of years... (Incidentally, our complaints somehow made it to the county manager's ears and he came down to my husband's office one afternoon, sat on the end of his desk, and actually blackmailed him! Told him that if he kept complaining he would see that he was fired and wouldn't find another job elsewhere.. GRRRRRR.. We're not wimps but by that time we were too tired to fight any longer. However, the manager in personel who told us the info mysteriously lost her job shortly thereafter. Justice? Hardly.) So with our second baby this spring, we had paid for everything in full upfront with the free-standing midwife center. We were feeling good. Everything was honkey dorey.. until he came prematurely and then I spent 2 weeks in the hospital and he was in the NICU in 2 different hospitals for 2 more weeks. We are uninsured at the moment (insurance for the self-employed is insanely expensive). OH HOLY JESUS.. (and I mean that in the most reverent way).. THE STACKS OF BILLS ARE UNREAL.. We are still wading through all the mess. *sigh* But I guess the bottom line is that when you look into the eyes of your baby smiling up at you, nothing else matters.


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