I Like Argyle
by Karla ° Monday, March 12, 2007
Nate is at one of those awkward in-between stages where the 0-3 months clothes are kind of small and rather tight and the 3-6 month clothes still kind of drape and hang off his body enough so that if I pimped him out with a bit of bling he could pass as a mini hip hop gansta boy.

So, in an effort to provide our child with pants that have legs that fit past his knees, but not hang off his ass crack, Mark and I went baby clothes shopping on the weekend.

And what a mistake that was.

Mark vetoed every clothing choice I made for Nate if the clothes weren’t decked out in army prints or made of synthetic testosterone and motor oil.

And so we came home empty handed and are continuing to cram our baby into his footed sleepers while keeping our fingers crossed that the clasps don’t pop off and poke someone in the eye.

Today, while Mark is on his cookie eating mancation before he starts his new job, I am going to go shopping for Nate - alone. I plan to buy a pair of Lederhosen pants with powder blue suspenders and ankle socks made of rainbows and shoes made of puppy dog tails. And an argyle vest for those evenings when there is a damp chill in the air.

And then I’ll stick a cigar in my kid’s mouth so Mark can’t argue that he looks like a total pansy.

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Get one of those Tatoo Transfers and put a big bulldog or anchor on Nate's arm!
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  March 12, 2007

Just don't put him in one of those "themed jogging suits" that you see at Wall*mart. You know the ones, with Bert and Ernie on them, usually in chocolate brown and when you wash them for the first time, they are FULL of pulls and pills and the seam now runs crooked.

Or maybe you should for a laugh? God only knows what it would do to his sensitive skin though.....
Posted by Blogger Meesh :  March 12, 2007

You make me laugh! Alright, Mark. It's time for a little talk. You have years to influence his style. Mommy gets the first year! Prepare yourself for pastels, sweater vests, and little hats with floppy ears attached. Overalls, gowns, little bibs that say I love my mommy were all items Andrew wore his first year. Now you can't get him out of camo and sports t-shirts.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  March 12, 2007

I guess I am lucky that Hubba-hubba has let me pick everything out. And so far, Mr. P doesn't really care about his clothes.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  March 12, 2007

You go shopping! Pick out whatever you want!!

But they do make cute baby camo stuff, it is in especially at Old Navy, if you ave one??

I tend to shop for the kids and forget myself so I tell myself it is ok to splurge and buy them all the trendy stuff!! Have fun and we want a fashion show when you are done=)
Posted by Blogger Donna :  March 12, 2007

Perhaps he didn't notice, but tiny babies are supposed to wear all that gay looking stuff. That's why it's all you can find in the stores. That is supposed to happen until he's about 18 mos., then they will start to offer more primary-colored clothing.

I was lucky. Trey wanted nothing to do w/all that stuff, especially not for the first year or so. If I forced him to dress the kid (namely TJ), he would put him in godawful outfits to piss me off...like the time he put him in tacky plaid shorts, a too-tight onesie, socks to his knees, and a completely different plaid hat! He looked like a sad old man who couldn't see!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  March 12, 2007

Took a while: mancation = man on vacation. You know, some of your loyal readers are not up on the latest jargon — and are rather proud of it too, I might add. :)
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  March 12, 2007

Hello Nate's Uncle Chris here. Corrina and I have an agreement that I won't go all "testosterone" on the clothes but she won't put Clark in "candy ass" clothes either. There are nice "cute" clothes that will make Nate look his sweetest without turning him into a Weenie. If the clothing fron isn't settled soon I will have to side with Nate. Poor guy is stuck wearing whatever people get him... Not only that it's going to be photographed for posterity. Not fair to him at all.... While others may side with Mom or Dad I am in your corner Nate. Best of luck to you
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 14, 2007


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