Our big day out
by Karla ° Friday, May 18, 2007
Yesterday was a big day for Nate and me. It was the first time in his entire five months of existence that I ventured out of the house with him in tow for an entire day.

Nate had his first train ride, and I had my first experience breastfeeding in public on a train filled with people. Would it sound weird if I called it liberating? Because it was.

Nate got to stroll along Bay Street and see his first sky scrappers while I reminisced over my former life working in a skyscraper. I do not miss it one bit.

Nate got to people watch and I got to spend an entire day shopping even though I did not spend one penny because so is the life of being a hypocrite cheapskate that can justify $110 for a pair of lululemon pants but not the purchase of a new pair of sandals to replace the only bedraggled pair that I own that are now five years old.

Nate got to meet Heather. Heather and I met a few months back when her business travels brought her to Toronto and I’m so glad she was able to find the time to meet up again so I could introduce her to Nate.

She also came bearing a gift for Nate. Seeing that we plan on putting our house fixer upper skills to work, she brought him a plush toy hammer that makes a big crashing sound when you bang it. Which is exactly what we predict will happen to our wide screen when Nate starts walking.

I would post a photo of her snuggling with Nate, but I forgot to ask permission if I can plaster her picture on my website. So instead I will post the family photo she took for us.

Nate was a perfect angel all day until we got the restaurant and he realized that he forgot his horns and pitchfork at home.

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Nate is such a cutie! It's always so refreshing to get out of the house, isn't it? I miss that downtown TO area, I worked at Bay & Young. Wait for the tiny fingerprints all over your wide screen in a few more months.
Posted by Blogger Shelliza :  May 18, 2007

Oops, that was Bloor and Young, not Bay. As time goes on, my memories of TO gradually fade.
Posted by Blogger Shelliza :  May 18, 2007

Oh that Heather, she's already gotten to see you twice! And meet Nate! Grrrr... ;)
Posted by Blogger Gina :  May 18, 2007

Sounds like a very nice time out of the house, which is something I am in deseprate need of! Your family is beautiful Karla!! Hugs from me to you!
Posted by Anonymous Beth :  May 18, 2007

I'm glad that Nate was an angel for your first big outing....for most of it anyway! That's pretty good!

Ya...our big screen is like a kid magnet...it's wierd...as soon as they see it, they ignore everything else in the room and go right for it. Good luck with that one!!! ;-)
Posted by Blogger Cate :  May 18, 2007

Its so scary going out - I try to only go out in the mornings as we have such a good routine I don't want to jinx it.. But it is nice to go out and talk to adults and I bet Nate stole everyone's heart too with his gorgeous smiles.
Posted by Anonymous Anna :  May 18, 2007

Oh he was a perfect angel, even AT the restaurant! He slept through dinner, didn't he? He is the most adorable baby I have seen in a long time! I'm in love. :-)

Sure you could plaster my picture on the internet!
Posted by Blogger Heather :  May 18, 2007

giggling. going out for the whole day really is a big deal...it took me until was mine was one to really do it, partly because the 'city' we live in really isn't big enough to warrant an entire day out, one would go in circles. when we did get there, though...he loved it. so many people to watch.

but yeh, the horns and ye olde pitchfork...they merely get waylaid, never totally relinquished.
Posted by Blogger Bon :  May 19, 2007

The ugliness that is revealed in restaurants and offices is nothing short of torturous. Good for you for doing it though. And the liberation of breastfeeding in public, I totally understand. That sight has been known to make grownmen cower. A boob being used for something non-sexual tcan turn their world upside down.
Thanks for your sweet comments over the last few weeks. You move me so often it's nice to return the favor!
Posted by Blogger AmandaD :  May 19, 2007

What a fantastic face! Oh, and what's up with Mark's hair? Looks like he may have remembered his horns.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  May 19, 2007


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