Rolling with the punches
by Karla ° Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Samson rolled in shit yesterday. IN SHIT! Like, um, HIS SHIT!

He was literally covered in his nastiness. Oh and do I even need to mention how bad he smelled?

Any neighbour that caught the circus act of me trying to wash the mucking futt outside must think I am a stark mad raving lunatic because the dog just would not cooperate and thought being all covered in his squalor was funny. He liked being chased with the hose and a bottle of sunlight dish detergent and somewhere in between shoving cookies in his mouth and watching him run in figure eights around the yard and yelling at him to stay he shook shitty bubbles all over me.

Giving up on the idea of using the backyard as a giant natury bathtub, I decided to take him upstairs to the human tub for a proper scrub down. I’m not exactly sure why I thought I would be able to lift an 80lb dog because oh my fuck, I totally I sprained my uterus.

Is there something you can take for a sprained uterus when you’re breastfeeding?


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"Is there something you can take for a sprained uterus when you’re breastfeeding?"

Two scoops of laughter and call me in the morning???

Funny story...
Posted by Blogger Poppy :  June 20, 2007

this is just the kind of post i needed to get me laughing after the night i had

its the next day and i'm still laughing my ass off at this post!

My dogs like to roll around on dead animals. It is totally gross, and they stink to high heaven. However, I blame the cats for killing the damn animals in the first place.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  June 21, 2007

Heeheehee....I'm laughing with you...not at you....honestly!
Posted by Blogger Cate :  June 21, 2007

I can just imagine! You paint great word pictures!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  June 21, 2007

That would most definitely have been a winner on "Funniest Home Videos"! And I can completely relate with two big 80 pounders at home too! :-)
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  June 21, 2007

I always tell people who are considering getting a pet: You will have to deal with their shit (and all other bodily functions)! Guess it's the same with babies, eh? The things we do for love...
Posted by Blogger H :  June 21, 2007

This is the funniest visual I've ever read. Nancy
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  June 21, 2007


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