A Lesson in Physics
by Karla ° Monday, August 6, 2007
There are days when I cast a glance in Nate’s direction and for split second I feel like I am looking directly at a mirror image of myself.

Even though deep down I know that he is a by-product of chromosomes and genes and a working example of DNA at its finest, it’s still mind boggling that he was once nothing more than a puzzle of cells furiously multiplying and dividing under the mysterious guidance of nature’s most intricate blueprint.

And now, here he sits, entirely a creation of two separate individuals, yet entirely his own person.

Even more mind boggling is trying to put into words how deeply I love him.

These feelings that I feel are so grand and magical that surely they must defy every single law of physics known to mankind. This awareness transcends physical boundaries and meanders through barriers with an uncomplicated ease. Its virtuosity can scale mountains and its brilliance shines brighter than the blazing halo of summer’s yellow sun.

Every day he changes so much. He is becoming more vibrant and more insightful and with each new milestone my heart grows and swells even larger, overflowing with motherly pride.

I confess. I am a swooning sentimental wrapped in an enigma of the jejune memories of my son’s youth.

Because everything happens so fast.

Blink. My baby can smile.

Blink. My baby can laugh.

Blink. My baby can sit on his own.

Blink. My baby has two front teeth.

Blink. My sweet baby has learned to wave hello.

Like the spirally swirl of the lock of my hair that I am forever grasping and twirling, these memories of my son are forever entrenched in my mind as snapshots of his life that can be replayed and relived.

I just wish that I could freeze time and capture these memories, carefully sealing them under an airtight lid so I can savour more slowly his sweet juvenescent elixir.

Except maybe for the part where Nate decided he loves prunes.

Because the unbounded infinity of the love that I have for Nate does not even come close to the laws of physics that are being broken from the effect the prunes have on his already overly active colon.

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From the pictures you posted sweet Nate looks so much like you. He is a doll!

It is an amazing thing how much our hearts love them, isn't it?

Sorry about the prune by-products, though!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  August 06, 2007

Ha. What a funny ending to a beautifully written post. I loved this!
Posted by Anonymous Y :  August 06, 2007

Mind boggling, huh!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  August 06, 2007

Beautiful and sweet post.

And yeah, prunes are very effective.
Posted by Blogger Christy :  August 06, 2007

I'll just copy what you said about my love for my kids.

I'll change the prunes to pears, though, and the colon to butt! W/all three of my kids, anything acidic at all gave them MASSIVE yeast infections on their butts! Totally not fun!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  August 07, 2007


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