Perennial Cutie
by Karla ° Friday, August 3, 2007

My mother is an avid gardener. So is my father. Together, they spend countless hours in their yard, planting and weeding, weeding and planting. They enjoy it. It’s something they take great pride in and they have a beautiful yard to show for it.

Me on other hand, I don’t love gardening so much. And a quick glance at my yard will prove it. My grass is brown, hard and crunchy. Some spots are green, but I don’t think it is grass growing there. If I had to hazard a guess as to what the green spots are, I would bet they’re weeds.

I have two gardens in my backyard, and except for a bone or two that Samson has buried beneath the dusty earth surface, they are empty.

Those gardens will remain flowerless because I can’t seem to figure out the complicated science of a watering schedule. I mean, you would think that if you forget to water your flowers for a whole entire month that you could just give them a bunch of water when you finally remember to make up for your carelessness, but apparently, plants can drown. Who knew?

My front yard has a few hedges, but they only exist because I have to expend zero effort to keep them alive. Mark even gives them their annual trim because I am much better at doing other important yard work. Like sitting. In a chair. With a cold drink in my hands.

Although I am self admitted failure when it comes to taking care of things that requires sunshine and photosynthesis to prosper, I sincerely hope that my gardening skills do not surpass my parenting skills because I have gestated my very own little weed that needs someone to nurture and care for him. And from what I hear, my perennial cutie will be a thorn in my backside for like, at least 18 years.

Unlike gardening however, nurturing my son brings me so much joy. I love watching our family build its roots.

Maybe one day when my nest is empty I’ll try my hand at gardening again, but for now, this little weed of mine keeps me busy enough.

Which is exactly why we’re keeping the fertilizer under wraps to keep the rest of the weeds at bay if you catch my drift.

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Stop, you're gonna have a basket full of weeds before you know it, you are demonstrating a quality of environment that is too good for even the strongest, ahem, fertilizer suppressant, to keep nature from doing what is best.

You'll have another dandy little lion.
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  August 03, 2007

I absolutely love the analogy of mother as gardener. What a well-written post! (And sweet pic, too.)
Posted by Blogger H :  August 03, 2007

Gardening was an empty nest activity for me. I have even given that up in the new palce -- for now at least.
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  August 03, 2007

I always start gardens, but never keep up with them. I got some tomatoes and peppers and herbs this year, but I have yet to make things beautiful.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  August 03, 2007

Crikey - what a great post - motherhood and gardening - a perfect analogy. Alot of my friends with babies around the same age as mine are beginning to try again. I couldn't comprehend another child just yet.

Great Photo. I love how Nate is stikcing out his toungue in concentration
Posted by Anonymous Anna :  August 03, 2007

Julia lies. Her yard is pretty! I think it's funny, b/c Trey always says he's going to go into landscaping. You should see our yard. Yes, he keeps the hedges pretty well trimmed, and usually cuts the grass pretty regularly, but that's it. Everything we have in our yard came w/the house! We'd surely go broke!

If you want me to weed your garden, I'll gladly do it. I want that adorable little baby! Cole said he thinks they could be best friends!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  August 03, 2007

Just think- pretty soon, he's gonna be taller than Samson!

It's amazing how much our little weeds grow so quickly. You know, like... weeds. ;)
Posted by Blogger Gina :  August 04, 2007

I LOVE that picture of your little weed. He's so sweet.

Amen! We're on Weed Watch '07 and hope to stay clear until next year. Let's not rush the garden.
PS: I heart Nate! What an expressive little gaffer.
Posted by Anonymous Amanda :  August 04, 2007

I just have to ask - how does Nate like his jumperoo?? We have an exersaucer at my grandma's house for my little guy (that's where he stays while I work) and were thinking about getting another one for our house or a jumperoo but didn't know anyone that had tried the rainforest model.

Your weed is growing beautifully and I completely understand keeping the fertilizer covered! :-)
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  August 06, 2007


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