Aye, or Nay?
by Karla ° Friday, December 7, 2007
The key to our marriage has been compromise. A little give and take here and there seems to keep everyone happy. Like, when Mark wants sex, and I want the dishwasher emptied, we usually meet somewhere the middle with a foot rub.

But lately, a war has been brewing in this household. It’s all a matter of him thinking he’s right, and me thinking he’s wrong, as per the norm, but where we are usually able to find some sturdy middle ground to stand on; this issue has no foreseeable solution in sight.

Now don’t get me wrong, I know when to pick my battles. I mean, I could easily make a legitimate argument as to why sex should be directly correlated to how often Mark picks up his socks, but life it too short to sweat the small stuff, you know? That’s why I just suck it up, pick up the damn socks, and then yell at him when he tosses his shoes in the recycling bin.

This time however, we’ve both fastened on shoes made with soles of lead and neither of us are budging.

It’s about Nate’s hair.

Mark wants to cut it, and I don’t.

I think it’s high time that we settle this once and for all.

All those in favour of snipping off his locks, say Aye.

Those opposed, say Nay.

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Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 07, 2007

Posted by Anonymous Lovebuzz38 :  December 07, 2007

Aye! I didn't cut Clara's hair until she was 21 months and she had the (in hindsight) weirdest hairdo ever. I wish I'd cut her hair sooner, but this is now and that was then. And then, there was no telling me squat. The first time someone tells you what a pretty girl you have, you might consider a cut... :)
Posted by Blogger Mama T :  December 07, 2007

I think it's cute. So nay.

For now :)
Posted by Blogger Angella :  December 07, 2007


Sorry but he looks ready for it
Posted by Anonymous Kat :  December 07, 2007

I'm sorry...but Aye. He's beautiful regardless.
Posted by Blogger Melissa :  December 07, 2007

Awww, He is soooo cute but I think he does need a trim- so sorry but I say aye.
Posted by Anonymous pokabelly :  December 07, 2007

Oh my goodness. Have I been hiding under a rock? When did blogger change the comment thing so that you can't put your website address in there anymore?

That's not cool!

How are you supposed to follow a comment to someone else's blog?

Posted by Blogger karla :  December 07, 2007

Maybe a little trim would be a good compromise.

But that picture is so cute.
He is adorable either way!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  December 07, 2007

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 07, 2007

I actually thought the other day that he looks in need of one. I got Cole's hair cut at about this time, too. As much as I didn't want to, I had to. I let TJ's grow till he was two, and he just looked wacky!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  December 07, 2007

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 07, 2007

aye definitely think a trim is in order

Aye. Mark's a pretty stylin' guy and hair has always been important to him. (In a very manly way, of course.) So I'd say listen to Mark. Wait, did I just say that?!?
Posted by Blogger H :  December 07, 2007

I'm delurking! I say NAY! I just cut my son's hair (which looked a lot like your son's) and I regreted it the minute we did it. I miss his cool, flippy, waves. I say just trim a tiny tiny bit of his bangs if and when they get in his eyes. He's too cute right now!
Posted by Blogger joyce :  December 07, 2007

ACK! The weight of all the Aye's is crushing me!
Posted by Blogger karla :  December 07, 2007

Nay ;) let the curls grow!!!

Posted by Anonymous Teresa :  December 07, 2007


He is precious.
Posted by Blogger Stephanie :  December 07, 2007

Nay! My son is 2 1/2 now but when we did cut is hair he lost those cute curls forever and I still regret it! As long as the hair is not bothering him I say leave it alone...
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 07, 2007

I remember my reluctance to cut all my boys' hair the first time. I do remember how glad I was that I did it each time...an even cuter little boy was under all their hair (and their hair grew in much thicker once it was cut the first time).

I am so sorry to say it but AYE is my vote. I promise, once you get over the initial shock you'll take a b-zillion pictures he will just look that much more adorable!!

(But then as I say in my house...I'm the mom so I AM the boss...hehe)

Posted by Blogger Kris :  December 07, 2007

Aye... my husband is still embarrassed by the long locks in his baby pictures that his mom thought were beautiful. Sorry... :(
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 07, 2007

N A Y !!!
Posted by Anonymous catdoggg :  December 07, 2007

No no and no. His hair will never look like this again and after it is cut he will forever be a BOY and no longer look like a BABY.
Posted by Blogger Bunny :  December 07, 2007

Aye, he will be just as adorable as ever.

Sorry Karla - I am leaning towards Aye! But I think you can get a another month in. I forget who said it but they were right about the amount of pics you will take once you cut it.
I can not believe the hair on him - my youngest is about two months older and other then a wisp behind the ears; he is not even close to having his first hair cut.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 07, 2007

I have two boys who had that same wispy hair. Gorgeous.
Each time we cut it on their first birthday.
It grows back and a little bit more evenly so they don't look so much like they have the ear ringlets.
Ev's hair was that little bit curlier and so he didn't get his second haircut until he was 18 months because the curls had turned me to butter. When we cut the curls off the second time it was very hard.
They look so much older with that trim boy haircut. Prepare for that, whenever it will be.
It does grow back and you will likely always think his hair is lovely until he is fifteen and comes home with it dyed purple.
Posted by Anonymous ms.carson :  December 07, 2007

it's time. I had the same trouble,,,,,but you will feel ever so proud of your suddenly grown little man. It's amazing to see, and trust me, it will grow long again if you wish.
Posted by Anonymous impy :  December 07, 2007

nay, you shouldn't cut it until you are both ready, unless it looks wierd which it doesn't, or if someone ever mistakes him for a girl.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 07, 2007

Hmmm. Not sure I can commit to aye or nay, but I can tell you this.

I didn't Lucas' hair until he was about 13 months. I was very nervous. He didn't have the curls like Nate, but he just looked so stinking cute with his pitch black hair!! The first time I got it cut, I just had them trim it some. It is true...they automatically look ALL B.O.Y.!! Then, each time we have gone back to the barber shop, I get it cut shorter and shorter. His hair grows super fast!!

Nate looks super cute....a hair cut won't change that!! I can totally sympathize with you, though!!
Posted by Blogger Candi :  December 07, 2007

I say Nay...plenty of time for a little trim...he is so GEORGEOUS just as is right now :)
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 08, 2007

DEAR GOD he's beautiful. :) I say aye...but who cares when you have a baby that precious?
Posted by Blogger Megan :  December 08, 2007

AYE!!.. I hate to agree with a man on any subject becuase us women are 99% right most of the time. But I have to agree it seems time for a cut. But on a good note You will be amazed at how fast litle boys hair grows back once you cut it. He is a cutie and having his long hair cut won't change that fact =)
Posted by Anonymous Karen :  December 08, 2007

Sorry, friend, but he's looking a tad girly.

It's hard the first time, but I guarantee he'll look adorable and oh-so suave after his first haircut!
Posted by Blogger Carly :  December 08, 2007


no no no no no no no no irt is soooo cute he needs a zepplin shirt to go with it.
Posted by Anonymous dawn :  December 08, 2007

No expert in little guy hair but it looks great as is.
Karla, would it be okay if I got your mailing address so I could send you a Christmas card? I have been reading your blog for so long.... I would like to include you :)
Irene Schloss
Posted by Blogger Irene S :  December 08, 2007


Not yet. Not yet. Please not yet.
Posted by Blogger Katie :  December 08, 2007

I had to come back and see how the voting was going! Haha! I have to agree with the comment bunny left. We cut Shawn's curly blonde hair for the first time when someone came up to us wondering if he was a boy or a girl, and I tell ya I wish we would of just let it go! Because he went from baby to boy the moment we did it. I remember crying! Hugs my friend!!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 08, 2007

Nay! It's so adorable the way it is.


Nicki in NC
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 08, 2007

Listen, I have three boys. Once you go cutting the hair, you can never go back. This is very important. It will never look like baby hair again. If I were you I would sweet talk my way into some sort of deadline, like when he is two, that way you can warm up to the idea of him looking like a big boy. We just split the difference on our youngest boy and I trimmed the whispies on his neck, over his ears and left his bangs alone, he looks older from the back, but when he grins at me he has his baby look. He is 20 months old and those front whispies are staying right there until he is 2. I'm just saying, there may be a compromise, but there is no retreat. He hair will grow in thicker and with more shape from here on out. good luck.
Posted by Blogger Karen :  December 08, 2007

We both know I like my men to have long wavy locks...however I am going to have to side with Mark on this one :-)
Posted by Blogger B :  December 08, 2007

Aye! sorry, I think it's time....especially around the ears.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 08, 2007

NAY! NAY! NAY! It's too cute the way it is. Somehow, once those fine baby curls are cut, the baby doesn't look like a baby anymore.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 08, 2007

I say aye, but just a trim. You dont want him looking like Kate Hudson's son (it would take a long time for that tho.) I do have to say he is sooooo adorable.
Posted by Blogger Lindz :  December 08, 2007

I am sorry, but I have to say Aye. I am a sucker for little boys with cute little boy haircuts...but wait until his official birthday, get his one-year pictures done with the hair as is, and then get it cut. That's the compromise my brother and SIL worked out for my nephew's hair.
Posted by Blogger Kim :  December 08, 2007

Big, big, Nay. You'll want to cry for sure afterwards because it will make him look YEARS older. My little guy had the weirdest hair in the world because I wouldn't cut it forever. My Dad hated it and said people were mistaking him for a girl, which was true, but I didn't care. When it grows back after that first cut, it's not the soft, smooth baby hair anymore. It's big, boy hair and I want none of it! Vicki
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 08, 2007

Wow he's cute! Maybe the teeniest, tiniest of trims, so... maye? Can that be a new category?
Posted by Blogger M :  December 08, 2007

Aye if you want him to look like a big boy.

Nay if you want to keep him looking like a baby.

Either way, he'll look awfully cute.
Posted by Blogger Linda :  December 08, 2007

Nay, he looks so cute. I agree with one of the above posters to maybe just trim the bangs that get in his eyes.
Posted by Anonymous Kristin :  December 08, 2007


I had to cut Mr. P's hair when he was like, six months or something because he just had SO MUCH.

He will be beautiful always, no matter what his hairstyle.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  December 09, 2007

NAY!!!! for sure!!!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 09, 2007

I say NAY!!!! Once you do this he will look more like a toddler thatn your baby boy
Posted by Blogger charing :  December 09, 2007

nay nay nay!
Either way he's cute but I wouldn't cut it! :)

Jeff is the same he always wants Tylers hair cut short.
Posted by Blogger Melanie :  December 09, 2007

He is adorable either way but I vote Aye.

Aye! sorry, I think it's time....
especially around the ears!! :)
Sorry but he looks ready for it!
He will be just as beautiful and will look like such a little boy !
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 09, 2007

I love little boys with longish hair - but we still gave our little guy a cut when he was about 16 months old. It grew back looking much better - now he's 4, with a cool surfie kind of look. He says he NEEDS long hair as he's going to be a rock star! That baby cut was a good thing.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 09, 2007

Look at all these traitors with their ayes! I say nay. His little boy haircut will be incredibly adorable when he gets it, but he won't look like a little baby anymore. I'd probably cut it in a month.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  December 09, 2007

Aye... Sorry if I hurt your feelings!! It's not my intent, I swear, he's gorgeous either way. :)
Posted by Blogger Jessica :  December 09, 2007

Wow! Look how popular this question is. The truth is, if you cut it he's going to look older and that's always tough. But I agree with those who have suggested a little trim. A real boy-cut might be too drastic... Good luck!
Posted by Blogger shauna :  December 09, 2007

Gotta side with the ayes.

His hair is quite fine and wispy. If you get it trimmed/cut it will grow back in thicker and not be so fly away. If you're not ready for a "real" little (big) boy cut...get it shaped up around the ears and the back.
Posted by Blogger Poppy :  December 09, 2007

I vote Aye.

I have to side with Mark and vote aye. It looks like he could use one.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 10, 2007

Even though I was just thinking the other day that he could use a trim, the very thought of cutting my little man's curls sends me into cold sweats so I'm going to go with a NAY!
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  December 10, 2007

No!! No cutting! I LOVE the little baby hair.

Definitely needs to get cut! It's looking kinda shabby and he's just TOOOO adorable to be looking shabby!! Once you get it cut you will love having such a cute little boy!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 10, 2007

Nay... I'm planning to let my kiddo's mane be free and long until school! Oh, course, my hubby doesn't know that.

Maybe you could compromise with a trim? :-)
Posted by Blogger Anne :  December 13, 2007

Oh, this is tough. I don't think he's in girly territory yet (not that there's anything wrong with that), so I say Nay. HOWEVER, do you think it's just going to get harder for you? Because eventually, you'll want to cut it and if you put it off...
(Why is this so difficult? He'll be stunning either way!)
Posted by Blogger Sara :  January 17, 2008


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