Cone Head
by Karla ° Wednesday, December 12, 2007
If Samson could speak, he would probably say something like, “Human, yeah you over there with the opposable thumb, go and get me a beer.” And then Mark would be all, “And while you’re up, get one for me too.”

And then I would have to grow another set of breasts just to compete with all of the testosterone with vocal cords in this household.

So it’s a good thing he can’t speak, because I think my heart would crack and shatter into a million little pieces if I knew what, exactly, he was trying to communicate with his doggy whimpers after ripping the nail off of his dewclaw yesterday.


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Oh no! Poor Samson. I hope he gets well soon. He is such a gentle giant. Maybe he deserves a beer... just this once?
Posted by Blogger H :  December 12, 2007

Aww, poor thing! At least if you want to feed him some beer you have a handy dandy funnel.

My in-laws give their dog beer. I'm not even kidding.

Posted by Blogger Angella :  December 12, 2007

You're it!
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Posted by Blogger Mama T :  December 12, 2007

Poor guy. Mind you he looks very dignified here despite the big plastic funnel collar...
Posted by Anonymous ms.carson :  December 12, 2007

Poor Samson! Maybe just a little sip? :)
Posted by Anonymous :  December 13, 2007

Looks as though he is trying to distract ones eyes from the funnel, and direct them to the crossed paws.

At least if he spilled his beer, it would not get on your carpet, the funnel would catch the drips!

Love your blog, been reading forever, since TP.

blog ;
Posted by Blogger Meesh :  December 13, 2007

With that funnel he'd be like one giant beer bong! Poor guy.
Posted by Blogger Anne :  December 13, 2007

He looks cute with the cone, in a pathetic sort of way.
Posted by Blogger Linda :  December 13, 2007

Oh how sad!! Poor Samson...
Posted by Blogger Brandy :  December 13, 2007

OMG that is the biggest cone i've ever seen on a dog!!! i can't believe he's not running around, pawing at his head trying to get it off, as my dog would be!
Posted by Blogger joyce :  December 13, 2007

Oh the poor baby!!!!
Posted by Blogger Julia :  December 13, 2007

You almost want to get him drunk so he could foget about that cone for a bit. And your handy camera work is looking pretty good!
Posted by Blogger shauna :  December 14, 2007

I think he's wondering what the scoop is.


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