While we’re on the topic of hair
by Karla ° Thursday, October 9, 2008
Even though we weren’t, but if The Universe wore shoes, then it just spent the past week kicking Karla’s ass to Saturn and back and it would please her brain greatly if we could all just humour her and pretend like the fact that she's talking in the third person is all normal and stuff and that we all know exactly what she’s talking about.

Hair, right? We were talking about hair!

Awesome. Because while were on the topic of hair, my kid got a haircut. I’ve been dying to tell you about it. So glad you brought it up.

Last year, after much tormenting, and then an almost unanimous Internet poll, I gave in and finally sent Nate for a hair cut.

I loved the shaggy locks, I really did, and I tried to make the long hair thing work, but that kid required more product and styling time than I regularly commit to my own hair, and there was no way I was going to let a pint-sized humans styling needs interfere with my morning coffee ritual. If I had to choose between bed-head and caffeine, I’d pick the brain-perking drug any day.

Nate’s had several haircuts since, and he’s ever so slowly getting used to them. I bring him to this fabulous kid-focused salon with fire trucks and race cars for chairs and a really fun room filled with like a million balls for kids to play in, but despite all of that, getting his hair cut can be, well, challenging. To help Nate through it, I sit with him perched on my knee, sporting an identical frog-pattered smock in a fire engine red chair and sing god only knows how many Wiggles songs over and over and over until it's all finished. I’m not sure what’s worse; the fact that I know practically all of the the wiggles songs by heart, or that I actually sing them in public.

But on our last visit he was totally a big boy and sat on his chair all by himself. And because he was being so cooperative, I had them cut his hair shorter this time because a) the tears were minimal and b) man! his hair grows fast! And, well, I’m just throwing this out there, but I'm kinda sorta regretting the shortness. I mean, I miss the curls. I really do. He looks so much like a big boy all of a sudden. I miss the little boy with the cute little curls who napped twice a day. The one who didn't thrown a tantrum if it's time to stop playing cars and eat FOOD! OMG! The horror!

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Oh wow! He looks so much older!!! Still adorable as ever, of course.
Posted by Blogger Georgia :  October 09, 2008

He looks like a kindergartener with that cut and it makes his eyes much bigger *if that were possible*

How adorable!
Posted by Blogger Freya :  October 09, 2008

I LOVE his short hair! he's looks great!

Yep, looking like a little man.
Posted by Blogger Donna :  October 09, 2008

I love it! He looks like such a big boy!

Very handsome!
Posted by Anonymous Mandi :  October 09, 2008

I know the hair salon you're talking about (in Pickering I'm assuming). We take our son there too and it's really great though at times we worry that the other kids who cry and/or throw a tantrum might have a negative impact on Jack.
Posted by Blogger Matt :  October 09, 2008

He looks awesome! I love the little spiky bits at the front.
Posted by Blogger Mary Lynn :  October 09, 2008

"I bring him to this fabulous kid-focused salon..."

Ok babe, I'm all about making sure Nathan is happy when he gets his hair cut however my son doesn't go to a "salon".

Hairstylist? Fine..
Salon? Ummmm...not so much.

I remember getting my hair cut by an old time barber. He'd cut my hair with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth and other men waiting would tell dirty jokes.

I think that's where I learned most of the "swear words" when I was little.
Posted by Blogger Mark :  October 09, 2008

I love his new hair cut. He is a big boy now! :)
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  October 09, 2008

wowza! he's such a big boy now.
Posted by Blogger Shelliza :  October 09, 2008

crazy that just a haircut makes him look so much older! he's so friggen cute by the way.
Posted by Blogger joyce :  October 09, 2008

Oh Wow ~ he does look like a big boy now and I just love that new haircut!!
I think that it is a great idea to get it cut shorter ~ means it will be longer before you have to go again ~ I like that idea!!!!
love and hugs XXXXXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  October 09, 2008

Just remember he has to be four years old to get him in school!!!!
Posted by Anonymous Barc` :  October 09, 2008

He looks adorable and so much older :)
Teresa Q
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 09, 2008

Now that I have read Mark`s comment it seems we had the same Barber, Barc`
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 09, 2008

He's adorable no matter what, curls or no curls.
Posted by Anonymous Susan :  October 09, 2008

He looks like a mini-Mark with his spiky hair! :)
Very cool. :)
Posted by Blogger Alison :  October 10, 2008

He looks like a little man! Mine turned two in August and she has yet to have a haircut. It's quite sad really.

OMG. THE CUTE! He is adorable.
Posted by Anonymous Hilary :  October 10, 2008

That is amazing how much older he looks! I'm sure you're getting used to it already. What a handsome little boy you have!
Posted by Blogger Colleen :  October 11, 2008

Oh my goodness! He grew two years, just like that! Cole did the same thing (and TJ, way back in the day!). It was hard, but totally worth it.

Posted by Blogger Christi :  October 12, 2008

Wow, the girls will be after that one! Just wait until preschool and they'll be chasing him trying to kiss those cheeks! Why does a haircut age them so much? He looks so grown up but oh so cute. I love it when Boston gets his haircut. He looks older, but cleaner somehow and even more kissable.


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