In a nutshell
by Karla ° Wednesday, January 28, 2009


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Amazing, I love it.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 28, 2009

Am so jealous! I mean HAPPY for you!
Posted by Blogger Hilary :  January 28, 2009

So sweet. I'm glad you had a wonderful time!

wow- your husband is all kinds of hot in that pic :)
Posted by Anonymous Shannon :  January 28, 2009

Looks beautiful Karla! Nice to see you got a much needed break just for two! But I'm sure you missed your little man like crazy!
Posted by Anonymous Krystle :  January 28, 2009

Oh, that blue sky! I miss summer like mad. Good for you, but sad for me...
Posted by Blogger ccr in MA :  January 28, 2009

Yep ~ think that says it all ~ in a nutshell!!
Gorgeous photos ~ gorgeous blue sky ~ yes, I am jealous ha ha !!
Love and hugs Tabitha XXX

PS ~ Great to have you back xx
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  January 28, 2009

Posted by Anonymous Susan :  January 28, 2009

Now THAT is love.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 28, 2009

In a nutshell i would say you both had a fantastic time!!
Nice to have you back!
Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  January 29, 2009

I can't wait to hear more about your vacation. The blueness of the sky and ocean look lovely.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  February 01, 2009

So why just delete comments - is it an ego trip to just hear great things! Don't think my comment was worth deleting, but hey this is all about YOU so delete away....
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  February 01, 2009


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