Blast from the past: High School Home Economics
by Karla ° Tuesday, March 31, 2009
I sewed this dress in a Grade 11 Home Economics class.

Besides preparing students to take up Pilgrimage or follow in the footsteps of the Duggar family, Home Ec is also where I learned that the secret ingredient to homemade Mac ‘N Cheese is mustard. And looking back at what I learned in high school, I’m quite certain that learning how to make bread-crumb coated Mac ‘N Cheese from scratch was all that my brain retained. Well, that and how much fun it was to play with ramp-y things that create inertia in advanced physics and that no amount of heat can burst a fireproof beaker. Oh! And how to make bong.

Are you shocked yet that I moved on to college to graduate top of my class in Mineral Engineering and end up on the Presidents Honour Roll? Yeah, me too.

But damn can I ever bake a make a mean dish of Mac N Cheese.

And sew lame dresses, apparently.


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Oh, it's not so bad at all! The fabric might not be up your alley now but the cut and length are totally impressive! Well done! Also, sweet tan!
Posted by Anonymous Hilary :  March 31, 2009

Wow, you did a great job! I think those sleeves look complicated.
Posted by Anonymous Julia :  March 31, 2009

I personally don't think it is all that bad...I mean, have you seen the dresses on the Duggar girls? They are not that short and their dresses don't even compare! Way to go! I like it.
Posted by Anonymous stephanie jackson :  March 31, 2009

I am a bit jealous of the fact that you can even get into your Home Ec dress...LOL I know i can not get into the sweatshirt that I made.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 31, 2009

I quite like that dress Karla!
In our Home Ec class we got to make an Apron, interesting, huh?!

Amanda x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  March 31, 2009

WOW. That dress totally explains why you turned out to be a boring stay at home mom.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 31, 2009

I actually like that dress!
I didn't take Home Ec at school ~ I took woodwork (ha ha ) ~ and we made a tray!!?? This probably explains the reason that I cannot cook or sew anything.....
I am loving these blasts from the past and will check back for the next one.
Love and hugs Tab XXXX
Posted by Anonymous Tabitha :  March 31, 2009

Are you going to take down Dawn's blog link from your site? Sad you weren't able to connect since none of us in the blogosphere actually know her. Checking her page every day to see if she's OK, and seeing that her page hasn't been updated is concerning.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 31, 2009

Okay, YOU are adorable.

(Also? Nice flash. Very nice, indeed.)

We're the same age, so I'm dying laughing at your MC hammer pants and shorts. I of course had the same style! So funny!
Posted by Anonymous Marcie :  April 01, 2009

I think that dress is adorable! I can't think of where one would actually wear it, but I actually really like it. :)
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  April 01, 2009

I like that dress!!!!

i love this one
Posted by Blogger rachael :  April 02, 2009

Mustard in mac and cheese? That's the grossest thing I've ever heard.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  April 03, 2009


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