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by Karla ° Thursday, June 18, 2009
The new house. I know you’re probably tired of hearing about the new house but this is a bit of a doozy. I’m trying to decide how to handle a real estate agent (we'll call him Mr. T) that has it in for me. Like, has it in for me so bad he wouldn’t cooperate with our current real estate agent to allow us to put in an offer on a house we wanted to buy.

Let me backtrack for a second. If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you may recall that Mark and I came very close to moving shortly after Nate was born. First, he was offered a lucrative job in Manhattan and then another one in Ottawa, and very last minuteish, the one he ended up accepting in Toronto.

Our plan had always been to leave this house after Ava died. It was just a matter of timing and finances really and what better time to pick up and move than a family in the midst of a career transition, sleep deprivation and walking around with a newborn on your breasts all day.

Anyhow, we called up a real estate agent who showed us a few homes (remember this one?) and it didn’t take long to become frustrated with what we wanted versus what we could afford. Eventually we decided to wait a few more years and re-evaluate a move then.

Fast forward to late 2008. Mark and I happened to go and check out an open house at this really gorgeous home and met a lovely agent by the name of Veronica. We chatted a bit and for over six months while we hemmed and hawed about putting our home for sale, Veronica diligently kept in touch with us. She was never pushy, always personable and basically, just doing the whole networking thing to perfection.

When it came to listing our current home on the market, naturally, we called her, because, well, she’d been keeping in touch and old Mr. T? Long since forgotten. WELL, ALL HELL BROKE LOOSE let me tell you because Mr. T showed up at my front door. Yes, that’s right. All six feet of him and his giant bushy beard came to my house to have a chat about why I didn’t call him. I never answered the door so a few hours later he called me. UM, AWKWARD much? I mean how intimidating is that? Really? It had been well over two years since we last spoke. Business is business. No?

I happened to mention this to Veronica, and she thought it was totally unprofessional and put a call into Mr. T’s agency. And that was that. Or so I thought until Mark and I wanted to put an offer on a house he had listed. We knew he might be a bit miffed still, but whatev. I mean, he makes his buck, he sells his house quickly, let bygones be bygones right?


Mr. T said he had quite the issue with me now and made it quite clear that he did not want to sell a house to Mark and me. Seriously folks. Think about that for a second. A real estate agent that does not want someone to put an offer on their listing. How stupid is that on so many levels. And let’s not forget that his clients trusted him to get the best price. Oh, and we so would have paid over asking for that house, too.

Irony of all ironies though, the house he refused to sell us? We ended up buying the same model on a larger lot. But still. He must be breaching real estate code of conduct on so many levels. I don’t know, I’m no expert on real estate, but I do know a thing or two about grudges and assholes and I think Mr. T is the latter.

Anyway, this is the letter I wrote to him while Nate was in the hospital. I never sent it. I don’t know if I will or if I should, you know, speaking of grudges and all.

What would you do?


Dear Mr. T,

I realize this response to your communications with Veronica about potentially putting an offer in on the property located at 57 [street name] is delayed, but let me assure you that your unprofessionalism and pettiness was the least of my concerns as my son fell ill with a terrible pneumonia and needed to be hospitalized for several days.

As far as I'm concerned, kind words and a departing handshake from the past left us with no contractual obligation to you or your services and I am vehemently dismayed at your demonstrated lack of professionalism moving forward. The homeowners of 57 [street name] did not deserve you putting your personal vendetta in the way of cooperating with a potential buyer of their property and I did not deserve to be intimidated when you showed up uninvited on my property and later called me to voice your dismay when you clearly knew Mark and I were already in a sellers and buyers contract with Veronica.

Veronica is a wonderful agent and your inquisition as to “why” we chose her is totally irrelevant, but Mr. T, if I may reminisce, I distinctively remember you telling Mark and myself well over two years ago when we first contemplated purchasing a new home that should we not enlist you as the Broker to sell our house that you would spite us and although I did not think much of that comment at the time, today, I am relieved we aren’t dealing with someone carting around characteristics short of suitable professionalism on such an important investment.

Mr. T, there are far more important things in life than to carry a grudge because you feel “wronged.” Business is business and I can only encourage you to accept this fact and see past your own self-righteousness and begin acting like the professional you are supposed to be.


Karla M. Cadeau

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Why didn't you send it? It is a perfectly concise and well written letter! I'd still send it.

Posted by Blogger Kris :  June 18, 2009

I would send it if you did not think this man would be the type to confront you again??? He appears to have a bit of a temper those type can be a tad crazy when confronted.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  June 18, 2009

i would just let it go.
no need to add fuel to the fire.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  June 18, 2009

Hmm, he already seems a little unstable. I'm not sure I'd send it to him for fear that he'd do more than just come to your door next time, but I probably wouldn't hesitate to send one to his superior. If he owns the brokerage and has no superior, you can always voice your complaint to Canada's Real Estate Council. I totally just did a google search for this, but here is a link that could be helpful. I believe the site is for consumer affairs...

Here's another for Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation...

Hope that helps!
Posted by Blogger Finelly :  June 18, 2009

My first instinct is to say send it, along with a copy to his superior (if that is the case). That being said, yes, if this guy had the audacity to show up at your home, I don't know if I'd want to push his buttons.

Highly, highly unprofessional (and showing up at your door is a little scary). Tell me he doesn't know where you'll be moving?
Posted by Blogger Chibi :  June 18, 2009

I'd say send it, but I have the same reservations as everyone else. Be careful of this guy, he could end up being dangerous.
Posted by Blogger jess :  June 18, 2009

Mr. T sounds like a complete asshat. I'm glad he didn't make any money from your home purchase.

If you do decide to send it, please consider making the following changes:

"unprofessionalism and pettiness was the least of my concerns"
Change was to were

"I distinctively remember you telling Mark and myself"
Change myself to me

Yes, I am a complete grammar geek. I love the way you write.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  June 18, 2009

You should for sure send the letter. I can't even believe he had the audacity to come to your home and then lose a sale for his clients?!?!?! If only they knew...he's lucky because if it were me, I would go straight to the homeowners property and tell them myself!
Anyways, you really should send it, because I just bet one day you'll think back and say to yourself, I so should have sent that letter and at that point it will be too late. There are just some people who don't deserve the time of day, but then there are some who deserve to be told right the hell off and he is one of them.
Posted by Blogger Krystle :  June 18, 2009

I would some how try to add in the phase "I pity the fool" before sending it. :)
Posted by Blogger Beth :  June 18, 2009

I would have sent it, but I don't think I would recommend sending it. This guy showed up at your house because you listed with someone else so I would imagine that he would go to the trouble of finding out where you live and confronting you on this letter (even though it is completely reasonable and professional- to non asshats). I might let the owners of the house you would have bought know about the situation though so they don't suggest him to their friends.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  June 18, 2009

Send It!!

Thanks for your advice everyone. I'm still not sure what I'm going to do. I'm not one to stir the pot, but dude was way out of line.

Chibi, unfortunately, it's not hard (as a real estate agent) to find out what house we bought.
Posted by Blogger karla :  June 19, 2009

I say send it, and a copy to his superior. What if he treats all of his ex-clients that way? Did he think he could bully you into buying a home? I may well have written a note to the seller detailing how you were ready to go over the asking price and he would not deal with you. In todays markets, a seller needs to trust their agent, and clearly this man is in the wrong profession.
Posted by Anonymous Shannon :  June 19, 2009

just wanted to add my voice. i think you should send it...but add a "cease and desist" in terms of communicating with you..
oh and yes to sending it to his boss....
and your atny.
and your agent

Posted by Blogger Erika :  June 19, 2009

OMG ~ surely he must be breaking all the rules!
I would so send that letter ~ he sounds like such an ass!!
Love and hugs Tab XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  June 20, 2009

This may be a little late, but I'd let it go and be thankful he's out of your life! Is it more important to be right, or safe? He definately sounds unstable and I wouldn't trust him. What does Mark think?
Posted by Anonymous Nancy from Boston :  July 01, 2009

(Also late to the party but commenting anyway)

I second what Erika said - "just wanted to add my voice. i think you should send it...but add a "cease and desist" in terms of communicating with you..
oh and yes to sending it to his boss....
and your atny.
and your agent"

And I'd send it to the homeowner he was representing when he refused to sell their house to you. They might be interested to know how he's handling business on their behalf.
Posted by Blogger Mrs Marcos :  July 04, 2009


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