Neighbourly sentiments
by Karla ° Friday, June 19, 2009
Almost every morning I run into my neighbour. He’s usually outside, deep in thought and tinkering with this or that and I have to admit that of all the people we’ve met on this street, I’m going to miss him the most. He’s just one of those people who is truly genuine, you know? No strings attached, no expectations, just a really decent man that never fails to capture your attention with a fascinating story every time you cross paths

This morning, while strapping Nate in his car seat, my neighbour gave me carte blanche on his rose bush. A few months ago he let me fill my home with the fragrance of lilacs from his lilac tree.

Neighbours like him make leaving this house pretty damn hard.


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That is so sweet karla ~ I have some great neighbours too!
I am sure that you will be missed when you move away ~ but there are new friends waiting to be made at your new place!
Love and hugs Tab XXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  June 20, 2009

Flower power
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  June 26, 2009


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