Sense of Humour
by Karla ° Tuesday, October 31, 2006
I like to think I have a sense of humour, despite the fact that I think Napoleon Dynamite is one of the funniest movies ever, which probably indicates that my sense of humour has never developed past that of a 12 year old.

But you know, my crazy zoo cats, mongrel of a mutt and hunka hunka burning love of a husband, along with plenty of buffoonery and banter are the spice of my life.

Sometimes I find snicker worthy amusement in the fact that I can walk around all day in a discombobulated hormonally-induced daze of pregnancy before I realize that if someone asked me the difference between my ass and my esophagus, I just may not be able to muster up enough intelligence for a coherent reply.

And I am finally starting to see the knee-slapper hilariousness in the fact that my belly now resembles a beach ball of flesh and veins that is blocking all visual and physical access to body parts below my hips where large algae blooms of hairiness are taking over.

I’ll even admit to the comicalness that can be found in the fact that I have put on 6lbs in two weeks, and since only one of those pounds went to the baby, the rest has invariable went straight to building a cantilever support system for my ass, which now looks like two Pringles hugging.

Where I fail to find comic relief however, is when I find myself slowly schlepping into a train station at 6:00 am the day after the time change because every clock was reset in the house except the one that really mattered - the cursed alarm clock.

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Well ... the description of your body was a bit too detailed.

Although I do find that train situation funny.


Posted by Blogger Crumbs :  October 31, 2006

Hate the damn time change. You will quickly learn that whoever invented the time change did not have children.

And also, I must have an immature sense of humor because I also love Napoleon Dynamite!
Posted by Blogger Kate :  October 31, 2006

Karla... you are too funny! And I, too, have a very immature sense of humor... this is the fault of my crazy husband. :)

I like your sense of humor. It teaches me stuff. Like that I can laugh and gag at the same time, ha,ha..

Yes, the hairiness got to me, too!

I knew I was all hairy down there, but I couldn't see to do anything, and I certainly wasn't going to spray a bunch of chemicals down there either!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  October 31, 2006

Having actually SEEN you, I know your hugeness is GREATLY exaggerated! You probably weigh less at nearly full pregnancy than I weigh any day! Sheesh!

Don'tcha just hate daylight savings time? Always messes me up.
Posted by Blogger Heather :  October 31, 2006

The reason that so much weight is sent to the hips and butt area is so that you will remain balanced and your belly will not cause you to fall forward all the time.
Posted by Blogger Linda :  October 31, 2006

Oh no.. getting to the train station an hour early is definitely something to cry about!

I remember gaining 12 pounds in one month .. I cried then to. :-)
Posted by Anonymous Coll :  October 31, 2006

Laughing while ill is best called up-chuckling.

Thanks for that.

I didn't know that daylight savings time had happened. We don't use it here in AZ, we get too much daylight as it is, there's no reason to save any.
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  October 31, 2006

... wait! You mean Napoleon Dynamite ISN'T the funniest movie ever?????

Well - Dumb & Dumber ranks right up there with it. Maybe you just got the two of them confused. ;)

OMG Napoleon Dynamite I have watched it too many times "GAAASH" hahahha

I gained 7 lbs in 1 week while I was pregnant....I wanted to DIE! The next week I didnt gain anything so I claim it was all just "fluid" although Makily is 2 years old and that fluid just hasnt completely gone away yet...hmmmm...LOL
Posted by Blogger Patyrish :  November 03, 2006


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