Purple People Eater
by Karla ° Thursday, January 11, 2007
In the past week:

My baby has put on another pound and now weighs a whopping 8 lbs.

We celebrated Christmas with my family and they were finally able to meet and hold Nate.

I attended a breastfeeding support group and it was the first time in my life that I have whipped out a nip in front of 15 other woman so a Lactation Consultant could examine them for signs of

It turns out that Nate does indeed have a loaf of bread baking in his tiny baby mouth. Thrush - a yeast infect for peke’s sake, (most likely from the course of antibiotics he was on for 48 hours after he was born) and he passed it onto my nipples. I’m mortified. I’ve never had a yeast infection in my entire life, you know, down there, and now I have one in my nipples. After I nurse him, it feels like someone is using my nipples for dart shooting practice. The prickling shooting pain makes my eyes roll to the back of my head after each and every feed, all 11 of them. Sometimes it helps to curl my toes and whimper.

We started treatment with Gentian Violet last night and holy blotchiness, that stuff stains something fierce. Essentially, you dip a q-tip in the solution, let baby suck on the q-tip, and then feed him. His nursing then transfers the Gentian Violet to my nipples, which means both of us are being treated for the infection, which is a must because otherwise, we would just keep passing the infection back and forth. Nate now looks like a purple people eating vampire and my nipples are the freakiest shade wine plum you have ever seen. They have ceased to resemble anything any normal earthling's boobs should look like and could quite possibly attain citizenship in another galaxy. Also, because I flunked holding objects in hand 101, I spilled the bottle all over my hands last night, which in conjunction with the circus freakshow nipples, kind of makes it look like I might be turning into a lactating Barney.

Nate, before his mom stained his entire face purple

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Ahhh, I remember all too well. Tyler had thrush, I forget what we treated him with though, not the purple stuff.

He's adorable! Every inch!
Posted by Blogger Melanie :  January 11, 2007

Could he get any freakin cuter?

I remember in Jr. High getting thrush myself. What a horrble experience. I walked around with my tongue hangin out my mouth because it was constantly on fire.

I feel so sorry for the little ones when they get it.
But, I do want to see a pic of the rockstar w/purple lips.
Posted by Blogger Samantha :  January 11, 2007

No fun...thrush is hard, from what /i hear. Why does breastfeeding have to be such a challenge sometimes? Way to stick it out and endure the pain...it will get better!
Posted by Anonymous Amanda :  January 11, 2007

Good for the both of you that he has already gained a pound!

And, why do I have the feeling that Nate will now have a lifelong affinity for the color purple, even though he will have no idea why!

And, he is just gorgeous, Karla!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  January 11, 2007

I am so sorry to hear about the thrush. I hope the med's help quickly and both you and Nate are feeling better soon! In the mean time he is as adorable as ever and I love seeing pictures of him so thank you for sharing!!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 11, 2007

Sorry to hear about the thrush. Your baby is super cute!
Posted by Anonymous LizzyBee :  January 11, 2007

Some reason, thrush is pretty common when breastfeeding. I have never heard of this purple stuff though. HMMM, hope it works.

Breast feeding support group people have no shame, I think they would walk around bare breast if they could..LOL.

Nate is super cute. Love seeing his cute little face!
Posted by Anonymous Donna :  January 11, 2007

Hi Donna
I am choosing to follow the directions of Canada's top BF expert, Dr. Newman (http://www.drjacknewman.com/). He is like the God of breastfeeding here in Ontario, and really recommends against antibiotics for thrush. I decided to not fill the script the doctor gave me and persue Dr. Newmans advice of gentian violet and he emailed a script for his nipple ointment cream, which to me makes more sense because the reason Nate has thrush is because of the antibiotics he was on after being born. They killed off all of the natural bacteria that would have otherwise fought the thrush bacteria.

So far, so good.
Posted by Blogger Karla :  January 11, 2007

Maybe it's a sign he should go to Queen's for Engineering when he grown up. They use the Violet on their jackets.

He is indeed very cute!
Posted by Blogger Aphra :  January 11, 2007

Glad to hear the OLE way of treatment with the Gentian Violet is still around and working! That is ONE HANDSOME FELLA there, Ya'll are the MOST deserving people I don't know! LOL ya know what I mean....the Southern Belle again
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  January 11, 2007

Who knew that Gentian Violet worked for thrush with breastfeeding? I remember my Mom using it all the time on cuts etc (not on her nipples!) as a kid but didn't think it was around anymore. I'm sorry you guys have thrush though. I have cringeworthy memories of breastfeeding when I would just dread each and every feed. It DOES get much easier though, thankfully! I hope the GV helps.
Posted by Blogger Robyn :  January 11, 2007

He is so amazingly cute I don't even know what to say! It reminds me so much of my babies when they were little...
*muttering to self...
I do not need another baby, I do NOT need another baby...

Posted by Blogger Jules :  January 11, 2007

I stumbled upon your old blog via Jules blog. I'm happy to see you've given birth to a healthy child. Good luck with everything.
Posted by Blogger Egan :  January 11, 2007

Now THAT is an Anne Gedes picture!!
Posted by Blogger Arlene :  January 11, 2007

so,so cute! I bet he's even cuter purple.
Posted by Anonymous Shalini :  January 11, 2007

Even without thrush my boobs and nipples hurt like that! LOL. Yeah, what we put up with to give our babies the 'good stuff'. ;)

But what I really wanted to say is Nate is so adorable!!!!!!!!!!! What a gorgeous little baby. And I do NOT lie about cute babies. If your baby is ugly I just can't get myself to lie and say it's cute.

But I freely admit to you that you HAVE A CUTE BABY! :)
Posted by Blogger aka_Meritt :  January 11, 2007

I didn't know they still made that stuff. Use to use it eons ago on canker sores. It helped somtimes.
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  January 11, 2007

Can you get that medicine in glow in the dark. It would make night feeding easier and would be kinky too.
Nate sure looks healthy..

My friend had thrush and had to use gentian violet. You're right. her nipples were freaking looking. We were in La Leche League together, so that explains why I was examining them.

You take great pictures of Nate!
Posted by Blogger Julia :  January 11, 2007

Ah...the purple stuff...that brings back fond memories! LOL... I got thrush nursing my 2nd we tried everything else and NOTHING cured it except the purple stuff but you are right is stains like the dickens and you do look like Barney...i don't know if you are giving him a pacifier or not but if you are make sure you boil it or anything else that would make it in his mouth (if practical)...my son sucked his thumb so we had to coat it to...purple nips, purple lips, purple hands...lovely!!!

But he is a CUTIE!
Posted by Anonymous ChrisLM :  January 11, 2007

so cute!! it should clear up soon so things will only be purple for a little while :)
Posted by Blogger rachael :  January 11, 2007

You poor thing!! But it made for a great story I must say. I hope it clears up soon. Nate is a doll!!!!! Can I squeeze him pleeeaaaazzee - how adorable!

My friend had a fierce yeast infection that she nor her baby could shake. They used gentian violet as a last resort, and it cleared up pronto! I'll cross my fingers that yours clears up quickly- I hear it is very painful!
Posted by Anonymous sarah :  January 11, 2007

Oh, don't be embarrassed about the thrush. My son had it and I didn't breast feed at all (I had a breast reduction and my milk ducts are now closed). They tell me it was contracted in the birth canal and other than recognizing it and getting it treated, it didn't take terribly long to get rid of it. I hope your dealings with it are as quick as mine were.
Posted by Anonymous Andrea :  January 11, 2007

Im glad you got treated early. With my first son I had Thrush but did not know and let it go on and on for a few months till I was insuch terrible pain and bleeding from it. With my second son as soon as I noticed he had the signs of thursh I was treated with GV and acidophalas and it was wonderfull. It went away with no problems. Good luck, hope it goes away fast for you.
Posted by Blogger Heather :  January 12, 2007

Oh, that's so lousy. I had one case of mastitis in the 2 plus years I have been nursing. Miserable. Good for you for pushing through this thrush thing. And, since I haven't said it in a while, Nate is exquisite.
Posted by Blogger AmandaD :  January 12, 2007

Ah, thrush, how I hate thee. Actually, we remained thrush-free until (get this!) Al was almost a year old. AND he's still got it because of a second round of antibiotics for a stubborn ear infection just keeps that bread a'bakin'. (Was that a run-on sentence? Probably. Sorry.)

That baby of yours is absolutley edible. Sweet little purple lips and all.
Posted by Blogger Jezer :  January 12, 2007

I'm so happy for you that you don't have to work. I could just imagine you trying to explain your purple hands! I, however, LOVE the color purple, and am seriously thinking about finding some of that stuff and using it to dye things purple...like, maybe, ummmmm....well, I'll figure it out!

Here's something sick...I keep seeing these pics of Nate, and they make me want to have another one! Mind you, Cole is not yet three months old, and, as we speak just started crying to be fed...but still, now I want another one so I can take pics like yours! I mean, Cole is already older than your baby, so I can't take pics of him just a month or so old anymore!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  January 13, 2007

Oh man thrush SUCKS!!! Poor you guys. I hope it clears up fast. Have you check out La Leche League in your area? It is such a great group to go to, I recommend it to ALL breastfeeding Mama's. Fun to have a nice (and very supportive) outing for you and little rock star man Nate!
Posted by Blogger Kaili :  January 13, 2007

Oh, My GOD! I laughed so hard when I read your description of how the thrush feels. Nobody understands unless they've had it!
We had it for 5 looong weeks. And I had a purple baby, too but Jack got it all over his face.
Posted by Anonymous Marcy :  June 19, 2007

Hi, I just came here after googling gentian violet. I have had thrush for over 3 weeks now, got the dif (whatever the yeast pill is) and the cream, but after three weeks I decided to try this purple people eating stuff. I wonder if you found a way to get it OFF the babies face. My sweet little baby looks like he is also a people purple eater so any advice would be GREAT!!!!!!
Posted by Blogger Jag8625 :  May 19, 2008

Hi Jag8625,

I know, gentian violet certainly stains the face something fierce doesn't it. I don't know of a way to get it off other than to just let it fade. It just takes a couple of days.

Hope your thrush clears soon.
Posted by Blogger karla :  May 20, 2008


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