by Karla ° Thursday, October 23, 2008
There is one very big difference between Mark and Me.

Every morning, he wakes up, showers and gets dressed in nice clothes and then he spends his day dealing with grown-up people doing very important grown up things in the very important field of health care.

Me? Every morning I wake up and change a pee-soaked diaper and then proceed to spend my day with a pint sized dictator who couldn’t care less if I even brushed my hair as long as we can play hide and seek and colour and waddle and quack like ducks together. And when Nate goes down for that oh so precious nap every day, that’s when I perch myself behind the glow of a notebook screen which, incidentally, makes strange rattling noises from being tossed on the floor by an unnamed tiny human one too many times, and do things like write, blog, twitter, or process photos.

So because Mark’s all OUT THERE and I’m all IN HERE, he doesn’t always get me. And by doesn’t always get me, I mean, he teases me. Like the time I finally got on board with the whole twitter thing and Mark thought that meant past tweets were twats.

And then yesterday, I opened up an Etsy store, and when Mark came home from work and I told him about it, he was all, “a what?” And I was all, “Etsy! You know, Etsy!” You’ve never heard of Etsy?

And he was all, “Is an Etsy like a Twitter? Because OH BABY, I’m all over twittering with your Etsy’s.”

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I have a 5x7 frame that is perfect for your "Greenwood" photo. How much to ship to the US?
Posted by Anonymous Susan :  October 23, 2008

WOW! Hi Susan. I'm so flattered.

Thank you so much for your interest. I can ship that photo via Canada Post Small Packet Surface for US$5.00, and this includes insurance.

Posted by Blogger karla :  October 23, 2008

Oh Karla, I’m a long time follower (back from the “We’re Having a Baby”) days, and it would be so incredible to bring a one of your stunning photos into my home. We’re expecting a new baby soon, and bills are tight, but how much to ship a 4x6 to Florida?

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 23, 2008

yeah you! congrats!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 23, 2008

I'll send you an e mail over the next few days with and order. Your pictures are great!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  October 23, 2008

Hi Trish
Congratulation! And thank you so much for your interest. A 4x6 is $6.00 and the shipping would be $2.00.


Posted by Blogger karla :  October 23, 2008

Oh Karla, I LOVE Etsy. I have a store there, too. Will write you offline soon.. at retreat this weekend.. uber busy! Love to you all.. er. y'all.. :-)

I love Etsy too. I have found some pretty awesome things on there. My sister just started a neat little Etsy shop: She makes handmade greeting cards. She spends lots of time on the cross stitch ones (im talking like 6+ hours per card) and she sells them pretty cheap.

I'm not so good at making crafts with my hands, but i created her store banner for her shop!
Posted by Blogger Lovebuzz38 :  October 24, 2008

AH ha ha ha ha!
Your man and my man have a LOT in common.
Etsy IS pretty cool, though!

Also- I LOVED your Autumn pictures in that last post. You truly captured the beauty this season holds :)
Posted by Blogger Liana :  October 24, 2008

I've been following your blog for awhile and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy it. You always make me laugh. Here is a link to my blog if you would like to check it out sometime.

Posted by Blogger Christy :  October 25, 2008

lol @ Mark! Nice one lol
Posted by Anonymous FlyBoyAjax :  October 26, 2008


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