Road trip
by Karla ° Sunday, October 26, 2008
I remember the day the Instant Message appeared on my computer screen. My girlfriend, sole holder of my deepest secrets and past soul-haunting mistakes, was pregnant. But before I could even offer my congratulations, the screen flashed with another IM explaining that there was an unexpected other man in the picture, and that she didn’t know what was going to happen to her marriage and that her world had officially flipped upside down. As we spoke I felt like a useless asshat not knowing what to do or say. So I just listened. At least that’s what I wanted to do, you know, in between sticking my foot in my mouth and saying all the wrong things.

B and I met in college. We were roommates; I was in second year Geology and she was in her first. We bonded over a common interest in the Big Bang Theory, evolution, carbon dating of four billion year old rocks and tequila.

From the outside, we’re polar opposites. B knows how to cook, has a smoking hot figure and a face so stunning she does not even need a speck of makeup. Me? I spent my college years relying on microwavable food parcels from home while simultaneously starving myself to be thin and never left my suite, not even for a cigarette, without mascara and lip gloss.

Over the years, despite the incredible distance between us, we’ve kept in touch. We both married our high school sweethearts and although we visit each other when we can, it’s not often enough.

B delivered her baby, a gorgeous, healthy son, in the most beautiful and natural home birth imaginable. Her son is adorable and strong and a child that knows nothing but the intensity of a mother’s and a father’s love, and tomorrow morning, Nate and I are going on a very lengthy road trip to visit my long time friend.

I imagine this long overdue gathering will include extended soul-quenching walks through her deeply-wooded property and plenty of soul-opening conversations over abundantly free flowing wine. It's a girls only sleepover, except for the two young men who'll be in attendance. But until they learn to stop pooping their pants and to pick up after themselves, then, as far as I’m concerned, naptime is a perfectly reasonable opportunity to crack open that wine.


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I think this sounds like exactly what you needed!

Ummmm what happened with her and her husband...Sigh yeah, I'm nosey.

Take tons of pics

Have a nice trip going back to visit your friend. Have a great time catching up with each other!
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  October 26, 2008

Thanks for sharing, gosh you guys will have a wonderfuly time.

I hope her husband/high school sweetheart were able to weather the storm.

Have fun
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 26, 2008

I am noisy like the rest. What happened?
Posted by Blogger TBG :  October 26, 2008

where is this road trip taking you?
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  October 27, 2008

THAT sounds like a great time! Oh, how I miss the girls from college. Enjoy!
Posted by Anonymous Hilary :  October 27, 2008

Have a fun, rejuvenating time! :)

And I hope it feels longer than it will probably be (time with long-distance friends always goes by too fast!!).
Posted by Blogger Liana :  October 27, 2008

Have fun on your trip ~ hope your friend sorts everything out!!
love and big hugs XXXXXX
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  October 27, 2008

Hope it was a great trip :-)
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  October 28, 2008

Do you really think it's only okay when they're asleep? Man, my kids like to see how silly Mommy can be as she drinks more wine!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  October 28, 2008

yikes i hope your friend's husband doesn't read you blog...

that is a juicy juicy secret.

have fun!
Posted by Blogger joyce :  October 29, 2008


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