by Karla ° Saturday, October 24, 2009
My Nephew is visiting this weekend and last night, after everyone was fed and high on chocolate we sat down to watch a cartoon. The result of two boys, very close in age rapidly progressed to strategic bed time procrastination, a series of circus worthy sofa bouncing acrobatics and giggle-inducing fart jokes.

Here is the story of last night described to a `tee` in pictures, complete with a demand for beverages, monkey couch jumping and a blurry ending.

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I love your orange walls.

Now, they look like they're having fun!

Ahhh..I can't wait for Aiman to have sleepovers with his cousins. Sweet times await!

hahahah enjoying a little night cap were they?
Posted by Blogger Tachaé :  October 27, 2009

I bet you were tired the next morning!!! As long as they had lots of fun!
A x
Posted by Blogger Amanda :  October 28, 2009

that second picture...his face...that is a future action figure

Sleepovers are such fun and it looked like both boys had a great time.
I just cannot get over how grown up Nate looks, I suppose that is what happens when you take a 2 month blog break.......everyone else keeps on growing !!
Hope you are all well xxx
Posted by Blogger Tabitha :  November 26, 2009


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