Taking flight
by Karla ° Tuesday, December 6, 2005
It’s that time of year again. A time when children mark the days off of their calendars in an earnest and frenzied anticipation of Santa's arrival, and a time when the adult folks swipe plastic and rack up exorbitant bills, all in a jubilant effort to tis the season and be merry and all that jazz.

This year the Cadeau family is doing up Christmas a little different. We’re leaving the country in a few days to visit somewhere where the humidity levels make no mistake in ensuring that we are no longer in the chilly climate that is Canada, and the booze is as free flowing as the steady stream of cars filtering into the mall parking lots in the final Christmas shopping hours.

I almost feel guilty (in a delightful and sinful sort of way), that I am done all of my Christmas shopping, have dropped yet another 12 lbs (amazing what grief can do for your prospects of fitting into a bikini*), have a fierce golden tan, and am ready to temporarily escape winter for a luxurious week in paradise.

Although highly anticipated expectations to visit the Mayan Riviera were literally washed away with the after effects of Hurricane Wilma, we managed to find a destination with equal elegance and charm where we can lavish and enjoy unending white sand beaches, enticing alcoholic beverages served out of coconuts, and bask in the warmth of a soft Caribbean breeze. I’m thrilled that our suite has a Jacuzzi for two and a four post king size bed available for fostering a multitude of fantasies that only a strictly adult resort could offer. There is a plethora of a la carte dining options and a seemingly quiet romanticism and seclusion that allows for me to do nothing but lavish attention on my husband and focus on getting a wicked tan. Stress will be limited to whether or not there is a drink in my hand to compliment the soothing and calming waves crashing upon the shore outside my bedroom window.

I am so lucky that such extravagance and lavishness will consume me in the not so distant future, particularly at a time of year when the spirit of giving and sharing is so important. I completely recognize my good fortune, and feel extremely privileged to be whisked off on a jet plane in a moments notice like this. I know that I am blessed for all of the opportunities in front of me, and whether it’s a bit of luck, some fierce investment savvy, or kick ass negotiating skills, I may never know, but what I do know is that I have the most supportive and caring husband a woman could hope for.

With everything we have been through, he has always been there, whether it’s just to hold me for hours on end, or offer a shoulder to cry on, he is my rock. His support is unending, and as a testament to his unrelenting devotion, he recently expressed much attention and 100% support in my efforts to pursue volunteer interests where I will bring no money, no investment potential and no financial security to the table. He did this with a genuine smile, complete trust, and a fun piggy back ride around the room that left me in a head spinning twirly frenzy while he clearly expressed his happiness and that I have found something to bring purpose and happiness to my heart while we move on after losing Ava. Together, we collaboratively decided on what is important in our life right now, and that just happens to be helping others. Job searches have ceased and endeavors of the heart are flourishing.

It’s been a long nine months since our devasting loss, and finally, life is beginning to take form and purpose again.

*No warranties are being made, express or implied that any weight loss has actually translated into an attractive figure if pictures ever become public knowledge after this holiday. Cesarean section moms can unite and vouch for me on this one. The vile surgery leaves the most despicable and nasty fat “bump” or “ridge” where abdominal muscles were sliced and hacked into while trying to retrieve our offspring out of our tummies. Any attempts to conceal or hide this disfiguration will, I am afraid, be futile.


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Jealous! I will venture the season in this horrible snow,last minute christmas shopping, horrible drivers and cranky people. Have fun! Don't be too naughty!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  December 07, 2005

Sounds wonderful, Karla. Have an amazing time. I'm sure you will think of ways to show Mark your gratitude (hee hee)!
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 07, 2005

Have fun.
Posted by Anonymous kurt :  December 07, 2005

Oooh, that sounds so nice. I'm glad to hear an update on the job hunt. Yes, Mark sounds like a great husband, but I think you deserve him.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  December 07, 2005

You'll be hot no matter what! No one will be able to look past your beautiful face to even see your scar!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  December 07, 2005

Wow time flies. Too exciting the trip will be here before you know it!

And Mark is a wonderful guy you are so lucky to have him and he is lucky to have you you make a wonderful match!

Cant wait to hear all about your travels when you return!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  December 07, 2005

Good for you, being able to treat yourselves like this. Have the greatest time possible. And wear that bump/ridge with pride!!

Hope you have a great time..

Sounds nice... I've still never been out of North America... Guess I'm sheltered. Most tropical place I've ever been is Orlando...
Posted by Blogger NegZero :  December 08, 2005

i'm guessing dominican republic.
Posted by Blogger k8 :  December 08, 2005

Here’s a switch: I’ve love to spend the holidays hip deep in snow. – maybe next year, we can just trade houses for a week!
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  December 09, 2005

I am hoping you are lying on the beach right now working on your tan and drinking fruity alcoholic beverages! I think you should keep Mark around.....he seems like an awesome husband and it's great to hear how supportive he is of the things you are passionate about since having Ava.
By the way I am sure the lump isnt that bad, HELL I AM LUMPY EVERYWHERE!!!

Posted by Blogger Patyrish :  December 11, 2005


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