by Karla ° Thursday, September 14, 2006
If there is one thing about this pregnancy that is kind of nice, it’s the close monitoring and compassionate care of those involved in my prenatal care. I know with my first pregnancy I really struggled with the whole midwife vs OB debate. Here in Ontario, women have the choice of either as both options are completely funded by our government.

In any case, I remember thinking that for my first baby, I would proceed under the care of an Obstetrician, and if all went well; consider midwifery care with subsequent pregnancies. Of course, not all went well, and here I am today, under the care of a Perinatologist (I feel like a pylon calling her that, but if I had to go through all that extra schooling to get a bumped up title from Obstetrician, I would want people to refer to me by that designation too).

In all honesty though, she is wonderful and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She came to visit me in the hospital and cried with me when Ava died, has never pushed any tests or procedures on me, supports me if I choose the VBAC route, is patient, and most important of all, demonstrates true compassion for me and this baby and is flexible and willing to work with my wants, needs, fears and concerns throughout this pregnancy.

Together we outlined how this pregnancy will be monitored and followed. She sought my input on tests and procedures and asked how I felt about the intensity of visits and told me I could increase them if I felt it was necessary or helpful. She has a unique way of involving me in the decision making process around this baby and my birth and for that I am grateful.

On Monday I happened to mention to her my concern around the activity level of this baby. I distinctly remember this point in my pregnancy with Ava because it was Christmas and my family was visiting. I could sit with my tummy exposed as my mom and I watched it ripple and undulate as Ava’s little body squirmed and rolled beneath the surface. This baby isn’t nearly as feisty. He’ll give the occasional gentle tap to remind me he's still with me, but his movement patterns still left me worried, despite the fact that every baby is different and behaves differently in the womb.

To ease my concerns, she sent me in for an ultrasound scan. Although I had in fact heard his heart beating a steady 150 bpm a few minutes earlier, her genuine concern for me in that situation was just awesome. I feel better now, and of course, little bubalubs is doing just fine. His growth is right on track and he even waved hello.

The kicker? (no pun indented), yesterday my stomach started rolling and bebopping around with a startling intensity as this little one pound heavy weight suddenly decided to start training for his first all night baby cryathlon.


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Ha! How just like a man!

But, having a doctor, er, perinatologist that you trust is so comforting and important. I wish to have my old OB for my second pregnancy (when it happens) as well.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  September 14, 2006

I'm glad to be home so I can be going to my doc. I've been seeing her since I was 15, and I love her. I saw her again for the first time on Monday, and I'm so happy! She's awesome, and I totally know how you feel about yours.

That's so cool about little guy moving. I always freak out when my little one doesn't move the same amount every day.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  September 14, 2006

glad things are going well!! :)
Posted by Blogger rachael :  September 14, 2006

I'm glad to hear that she's taking such good care of your needs. Mommy-to-be's need just as much love and concern as the babies!
Posted by Blogger Blondie :  September 14, 2006

It's great that you have found a Doctor who is so perfect for you.
I'm sure baby will start kicking more once hockey starts up on tv. He probably just doesn't find the lesser sports all that interesting..

so, he's gonna be another runner like his mom?

Your doc sounds like just the kind you need! I am going to have to look up that title. I am considering going to school to be a midwife, I had one with both of my pregnancies. But if there is a specific type of doc that deals with just high risk pregnancies that would be awesome, I have the kind of patience and concern you would need for that!

I love pregnancies and birth...and am hoping this one goes perfect for you!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  September 14, 2006

That is wonderful. I wish all doctors were that caring and helpful.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  September 14, 2006

A compassionate doctor can make a WORLD of difference. Glad you found one.

What they don't tell you is that the rate of their movement in vitro can be directly related to their rate of movement as babies and toddlers. My first one never stopped moving - inside and out. With the second, I had to count movements daily because she hardly moved, and she's the one who would rather be carried or ride a stroller long past babyhood.
Posted by Blogger Heather :  September 14, 2006


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