Wedding Anniversary
by Karla ° Wednesday, September 20, 2006
On this day, exactly three years ago, I married a man that I have been head over heels in love with for over 10 years.

But it wasn’t always that way. The first time we met was the summer 1993 before high school was about to start (for me) and I thought he was a geek.

It wasn’t until almost two years later that our friendship blossomed and we quickly became inseparable buddies.

Our friendship prevailed, and a year and a half later, we were officially a couple after a night of drunken honesty and stolen kisses.

Our last year of high school together was a dizzying budding romance where we spent every waking moment together.

He wrote me beautiful poetry printed on an ancient dot matrix printer and I foreshadowed my depressing domestic diva capabilities by sewing him lousy looking heart shaped pillows and underwear equipped with a built in elephant trunk to stroke his penile ego.

At the tender age of 17 and 19 we graduated high school, moved away from home and went our separate ways to attend college. Our relationship remained strong, and in 2000, I crashed his bachelor pad and moved in with him. Three years later, on this very day, we were united as husband and wife. My wedding band was custom made with seven diamonds to symbolize the seven years of bonding, friendship and love we shared before tying the knot.

I love my husband fiercely and intensely. My wish is for the gentle breeze of our love to continue embracing us with its intimacy and warmth, and that the gentle whispers of that love continue building strength and resilience to weather the familiar, the ordinary and the extraordinary adventures that await us in the years ahead.

Here is a video version our story from high school until our wedding day, September 20th, 2003. Mark put this together to play at our wedding.

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I can't access the video!

Happy Anniversary to you both!

And what a lovely wedding pic!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  September 20, 2006

Wow! That is soooo cool. My husband and I were also 'high school sweethearts' although we married right out of high school.

I love your story, LOVE the photos... and dang, you both are so cute!!

Thanks for sharing these pictures and video. You are a beautiful couple!

I am a sucker for stories like yours. I literally had tears watching that video.. DORK!

Happy Aniversary to you both!!
Posted by Blogger Melanie :  September 20, 2006

Wishing you both all the happiness in the world. Enjoy!
Posted by Anonymous Mike & Lisa :  September 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary! What a beautiful post. You two are perfect for eachother and I was so blessed to be able to meet you both. Hopefully you will bring your little man down sometime and I will get to meet all 3 of you!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  September 20, 2006

I cant access the video either!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  September 20, 2006

Ok, I've been reading your blog for A LONG time now, and had no idea we shared the exact same anniversary! 3 years ago today, I too, married the man of my dreams! What a beautiful story you share together. Beautiful wedding photo too;) I can't get the video to work and am on my way out the door for a celebbration feast, but I will try to come back and look at it later. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU BOTH!!!
Posted by Anonymous ANGELA :  September 20, 2006

Great post and video. Congratulations and best wishes.

Congratulations on your anniversary.
Great video..

Congratulations!!! That was a beautiful video. Best wishes for many more happy years! : )
Posted by Blogger Tajalude :  September 20, 2006

Congratulations! Loved the video.
Posted by Blogger Cuppa :  September 20, 2006

Happy anniversary! Gosh, you guys looked so young! I'm mean, we're all still young, but you know what I mean. Mark did a great job on the video.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  September 20, 2006

Absolutely beautiful video, you guys make a stunning couple. Congratulations on three happy years full of love. I hope you have 50 or 60 more!!
Posted by Blogger Deborah :  September 20, 2006

You guys are so sickening! I do not like it when I get all choked up! Grrrrrr!!!!

Happy Anniversary!!! I can't think of a better and more deserving couple for each other!

Uhhh, did that sound right? Anyway, you get my guys are PERFECT for each other, and your kids will forever be blessed to have you as their parents!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  September 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary! Obviously you were meant to be together. How awesome that you knew it from such an early age. I think that's so great. Congrats and wishes for much happiness and many, many more years together.
Posted by Blogger Kristin :  September 21, 2006

Happy Anniversary!

Happy Aniversary!
Tried to leave this yesterday, but BLOGGER wouldn't let me.

Chelsea and I were "Just friends" for six years too. It's the best way to start.

Happy Anniversary!

I've been trying to leave a comment for the last few days on your site, but for some reason I kept getting page cannot be displayed.

I hope you both enjoyed your anniversary and shared the day in a special way.
Posted by Anonymous Stacey :  September 21, 2006

Congratulations Karla and Mark!
That video was fantastic to see, so cute!
Posted by Anonymous Karma :  September 22, 2006

Happy late anniversary! The video was FABULOUS!!:-)
Posted by Blogger Renee :  September 22, 2006


I do agree, that was beautiful.

Would you be able to send me the picture(s) from tonight, please? You can e-mail me or just respond on my blog if unable. Thanks so much, Karla, and it was really great meeting you!!
Posted by Blogger Ashley :  September 23, 2006

Happy Anniversary! you two look cute together...i enjoy seeing the photos.
Posted by Blogger kathy :  September 25, 2006

Wow! watched it again...So Beautiful! perfect song to go with the slides.
Posted by Blogger kathy :  September 25, 2006

Oops - I'm a little late. I don't know how I missed this post - Bloglines didn't notify me you'd updated! Happy belated anniversary anyway!
Posted by Blogger Heather :  September 25, 2006

Oh Karla... that video was absolutely adorable. It's no wonder you love that man so much.

Happy belated anniversary.
Posted by Blogger Blondie :  September 30, 2006


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