Rocks are Heavy
by Karla ° Thursday, April 27, 2006
I feel compelled to share a recent bout of my “perfectionism/receipt keeping issues”. We are in the middle of a mini bathroom renovation. The tile installers are here now, diligently grouting up my bathroom floor and ridding me of the linoleum monstrosity that, if I didn’t know our house was only 22 years old, would have sworn was circa 1960. It’s old and gross.

And our sink. Icky would be the first word that comes to mind, but maybe appalling is a better word to describe the lacerated state of cracks and ancientness of it. At least the new one is sleek and sexy, although I think my husband and his father are both cultivating some nasty hernias after carrying a granite counter top unit up a flight of stairs. Having a diploma in both Mineral Engineering and Geology, you would think I realized how motherfucking heavy rocks are.

However, seeing that I am at that point in my cycle where I am waiting to find out if I am pregnant (my whole life officially revolves around my cycle again), I get to (conveniently) avoid carrying anything heavy and stinky paint fumes. In an effort not to break a nail or possibly harm a fetus, I just get to “accessorize”.

And so the story goes, I have embarked on my quest to find the “perfect” stuff, beginning with a toothbrush holder. Would you believe that, mother of all absurdities, I have racked up a $214 credit card bill on multiple soap pumps and toothbrush holders.

What the hell? I mean, we’ve started discussions about adopting a baby from China to the tune of $35,000 because I’m about to fall apart with all of these babies dying on me, and I’m in a tizzy about a toothbrush holder.

At least I have my receipts to reclaim some degree of sanity that obviously has been lost in my quest for perfectionism.

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You will have to share pictures of the remodel!

My cousin is in the process of adopting a baby from China right now! How exciting!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  April 27, 2006

I'm adopted as parents adopted 4 kids not from china.....but next to having ur own kids adoptions the next best thing and I'm very thankful for the family that I have......I wouldn't have it any other way
Posted by Blogger rachael :  April 27, 2006

I keep receipts too, but only the ones I end up not needing. I’ve never figured out how I know which ones to lose!
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  April 27, 2006

Adoption is awesome, but don't give up hope.
A few years ago about 3 families at our church had decided to adopt becasue of failed efforts to conceive. 2 out of those 3 familes got pregnat as soon as they got their adopted baby!

Funny how things work. You never know=)
Posted by Blogger Donna :  April 27, 2006

It is good to hear that you are trying, Karla.

And now I will have to be jealous of your bathroom, because mine sure doesn't have a granite counter!

Bathroom accessories are crazy expensive! Why is that? I wanted to get some for Mr. P's bathroom, and it looked like I was going to spend over a hundred bucks!

So, I'll have to scout ebay.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  April 27, 2006

Good for you keeping yourself busy and your mind occupied. Even if it is with buying bathroom accessories.
Posted by Blogger oshee :  April 28, 2006

a woman at work just had a son adopt an 11 month old baby from korea,,,,very cute and sweet. i would also highly recommend the cheaper option of adopting a baby from the local cas. my spouse is getting a sperm test after many months of trying....and ya never know i may end up adopting myself. and from as cas.
as an amployee of a child welfare agency i can say it has its pros and cons just as international adoption does,.
Posted by Blogger dawnatello :  May 03, 2006

I love accesserizing any room. Sometimes you need to overbuy to see what works in your new room. I don't see a problem here.
Posted by Blogger Chelsea :  May 13, 2006

hi karla,
I was just wondering if you had any news yet. best wishes

Just stopping by to let you know I was thinking of you. Blog when you can!!

Posted by Blogger Patyrish :  May 25, 2006

Hi Karla,

I know its been a long time, but I found your blog through a link from Lukes. I was very sorry to hear about your loss, and glad to see that the two of you have come through this together and found the courage to try again.

take care, and best wishes to you and Mark,

Posted by Anonymous Karma :  May 25, 2006


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