McDonald's Meltdown
by Karla ° Sunday, July 2, 2006
Yesterday was a rather warm day, and like any pregnant woman not overly concerned about her caloric intake anymore, I decided I wanted a big fat milkshake.

Now before continuing, I should probably provide a preamble to give this story context. I have not been to a McDonald’s, or eaten at a fast food restaurant in years.

Anyhow, I immediately vetoed ice cream from the category of fast food to satisfy the vessel that is my ballooning midsection and made haste for the nearest McDonalds to obtain said frosty goodness.

When it was my turn to order, I politely asked for a vanilla milkshake. The woman taking my order responded, “What size?”

“Ummm…how big is a medium?” I asked, unsure of their cup sizes.

And it was at that moment the universe came to a screeching halt while the susurrus murmurs of disbelief echoed in the background of disgrace and shocking disbelief. The woman taking my order looked at me with one of those - what in the name of are you there God, it’s me Margaret don’t you understand - type of glares. Apparently, I am the last of our species that can skip and chew gum that needs to ask about the volume, dimensions and total mass of a McDonald’s cup.

In hindsight, I suppose it was a guffaw-inducing moment - all at the expense of a confused pregnant woman who (apparently) doesn’t understand the fundamentals of McDonald’s. But seriously, there has to be other people out there who don’t eat fast food? I am I really that anal retentive that I may just very well qualify for the last remaining human on the planet who doesn’t like grease? Is the fact that I make my own whole wheat pizza dough so I don’t have to eat refined carbs and fatty oil from take out pizza really that weird? Surely it can’t be all that strange that I prefer chopping up potatoes and baking my own French fries.

Actually, the fact that I felt so strangely out of place at a McDonald’s probably speaks volumes about my social shortcomings when it comes to food aversions.

And so the awkward life of the nit-picky vegetarian continues. At least next time I venture into the unfamiliar territory of fast food, I’ll know to ask for medium.


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I think it is total poop that they could not tell you how many ounces of frosty goodness that a medium sized cup will hold. Darn McDonald's!! :)
Posted by Blogger Deborah :  July 02, 2006

I can relate. I met some friends at Burger King. I tried to order small fries, but they don't come in small anymore. Medium is as small as it gets. That menu change probably happened 10 years ago and I just found out.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  July 02, 2006

Good for you for not eating fast food. We should all follow your example! Here in the US it is sickening how many times a week people eat at Mcd's. I prayed that I would get sick on McD's so I wouldn't eat there anymore, and I did, so I don't eat there much at all anymore, nor any other burger places!!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  July 02, 2006

hahahahaha such a good post
Posted by Blogger rachael :  July 02, 2006

I think McD's medium is about 20 oz. or so. Of course, it could be different for milkshakes. I wouldn't know, I mean, b/c I mean, I don't eat there three times a week or anything...I'm totally just guessing. However, if you happen to feel like a Happy Meal, and they give you the red car, PLEASE send it to me!

I mean, I don't eat there or anything...

Oh, and the dough...I saw Julia make it once, and I was in awe that someone knew how to make it at home all by themselves! I really thought that only pizza places knew how to make pizza dough, which is why they charge so much for them. Here I thought they held the secret to my pizza love, and really it was nothing! Ahhh, me and my overly processed food self!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  July 02, 2006

I just fell across your blog again...and I just want to say I'm so happy for you guys!! I'm sorry we lost touch...we'll talk again soon!
Posted by Anonymous arlene :  July 02, 2006

Hang on tight to your food morals, 'cause it gets even tougher with kids tugging on your arm begging for McDonalds. We showed the kids the Supersize Me movie, hoping it would convince them that McD's was evil, but after about a month, they were back to begging for it again. :-(
Posted by Blogger Heather :  July 02, 2006

I had to laugh when I read this post :)
I think Micki D's has a beginning line on their half page application that says, "Are you able to think outside the box?" and if they check no - it says, "Great! You're hired!"
Seriously - they have automatic machines here now that drop the cup, fill with whatever beverage and the worker just puts the lid on there (or not, cause we gets lids that are half way on).
I have to just laugh at some of these oldest daughter refused to work there under the protest that she wasn't going to work with people like that. It's kind of sad in some ways.
BTW - I craved lettuce (of all things) when I was pregnant. How pathetic is that?

It is still true that MDs milkshakes are made with lard?

I make my own pizza dough and fries, nothing wrong with that. I even have a meat mincer and make bugers with quality meat that hasn't been swept off the abbatoir floor! So good for you hun, you're not alone! :0)
Posted by Blogger CharlieBeth :  July 03, 2006

That's a question that One Does Not Ask these days. One is supposed to know the sizes at the Starbuckses, Jamba Juices, McDonald'ses, etc. etc. etc.
Posted by Blogger Kurt :  July 03, 2006

LOL. Some nerd at McD's glared at you..

I flat out refuse to cater to their foolishness, even if that means holding up the line. Last time I was in Starbuck’s I asked for a “medium”. I was informed they had no medium and was regaled with pseudo-italian-french-klingon language choices: Vendi, Verdi, Hoppachana, whoKnowsWhat.

My answer was” “What’s in the middle of the smallest and the largest you have? THAT’S MEDIUM!”
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  July 05, 2006

Ha! Seriously, what ever happened to customer service??? You tell the best stories=)
Posted by Anonymous Angela :  July 05, 2006


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