We Need a Hot Date
by Karla ° Wednesday, December 6, 2006
With just over two weeks left in this pregnancy, I am already starting to feel a little nostalgic about letting go of my bump. Not only is it fun to watch Nate struggle to stretch his legs inside his cramped quarters, but my stomach has finally reached proportions large enough to conveniently balance a plate of food on it, and I quite like the novelty of having my own built in food tray.

Nate has been standing on his head for over three months. The last time I tried to stand on my head for an extended period time was when I wanted to show off what an accomplished expert I had become at playing Super Mario and hung upside down off the edge of my couch to demonstrate my prowess while playing at a reversed angle with compromised blood flow to my lower extremities. Show off I might have been, but even just a few minutes of blood rushing to my head caused great spasms of dizziness. I just don’t understand how babies find that position the least bit comfortable.

It has become very easy to distinguish what parts of him are what by touching my stomach. You can clearly feel the outline of his back and feel the small roundness of his baby bum. His feet are firmly planted just below my right rib, and occasionally, a little hand can be felt pushing near the lower right of my uterus. Judging by how quickly she snapped her hand back, I suspect that I made my Mother-in-Law completely uncomfortable when I asked her if she wanted to feel him move. I really must remember that not everyone finds squirming babies’ inutero a form of thrilling entertainment.

Nate was rather sleepy during Monday’s Biophysical Ultrasound and I was put on a Non Stress Test machine for half and hour to monitor his movements. There is something so entirely blissful and serene about being alone on a room and listening to nothing but the sound of your baby’s heart beat. I heard it accelerate when he moved, and sometimes when I talked to him.

I have managed to escape stretch marks yet again. My boobs on the other hand? Well let’s just say it never occurred to me to massage my Body Shop Cocoa Butter on them too. (I swear by that stuff by the way).

Nate appears to be growing consistently. He weighs about 5.5 lbs now. Ava was 6lbs 6oz at birth and it appears that he will be about the same, maybe just a smidge smaller.

I didn’t put on any weight last week, which is shocking considering the piggish extent of my jam binge, and I am still up 26lbs. I gained 28lbs total with Ava, but lost a pound a few weeks before labour began. In both of my pregnancies my weight gain was most dramatic in the second trimester and slowed considerably near term.

While engulfed in oversized chairs and sipping latte’s and hot cocoa by a cozy fireplace at a local café last weekend, Mark asked what sort of fun stuff pregnant people can do on a Saturday night. I suggested the same thing we’ve been doing for the past 9 months and that was watching movies and blowing wads of cash on expensive frothy drinks.

I would be eternally grateul if the cleverness of internet land could help us out. Time is quickly running out for our last supper date as a family of two (plus a pooch and two cats). Since I can’t indulge in alcohol, I shuffle like a duck when I walk, I have no nice maternity clothes, I am supposed to stay relatively close to a hospital and I can’t very well act like a belligerent hooligan at almost nine months pregnant, I am at a loss for what constitutes an exciting night out anymore. Any suggestions?

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Unfortunately, I have no suggestions since now that we have 2 children we don't go out on Saturday nights anymore! It's been forever since we were kidless. Maybe a nice holiday concert?
Posted by Blogger Kate :  December 06, 2006

Well, it doesn't sound exciting, but if you guys go to bed early and wake up late for the next two weeks, you will forver cherish that memory, because chances are it will be the last time in a loooong time you will be able to do so! ;)
Posted by Blogger Gina :  December 06, 2006

Do you guys like live theatre? You could get dressed up and go see a play then go out for some decadent dessert.
Posted by Anonymous Amanda :  December 06, 2006

I could use some similar advise.. at least date wise, even though I am no where near being pregnant. :-)

I love the discription of Nates little form moving about. I remember those days so well.
Posted by Anonymous Coll :  December 06, 2006

I remember when my best friend was pregnant with twins. I put my hand on her tummy in hopes of feeling one or both of them move and one of them kicked right at that moment! I was seriously so excited I let out a shrek! Yes, I shrek! No Joke! It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt. I couldn't imagine what it must feel like to feel that every day that they are inside of you. I hope one day I get the chance to.
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  December 06, 2006

Oh, I suggest you just stay home and listen to the quiet.

Peace and quiet will soon be a thing of the pass.

If only you could tape it, and play it later...
Posted by Blogger Judy :  December 06, 2006

I will have to agree with most of the commenters, your peace and quiet will soon be just a memory. I love(d) my alone time, but I was/am also one of those people who loves to get out and do things. So, I tend to lean towards Amanda's idea. I have just recently fallen in love with live theatre and if you can find one close to the hospital, I vote for that.
Whatever you do, enjoy yourself!
Posted by Anonymous Finelly :  December 06, 2006

There's nothing too wrong with a comfy and pleasant night in. If that's what life is offering you today, accept it and enjoy it.

Mark could enter an Ultimate Fighting contest and you could sit blissfully in the crowd watching him pummel someone..

We used to go to the mall and eat frozen yogurt. With cookie dough if you're feeling really super wild!

Karla, do you know how excited I am for you? SO excited.
Posted by Anonymous Kristin :  December 06, 2006

we went for a massage for too at this spa when we got married, you could get a pregnancy massage instead of a swedish. the room had a hot tub and candles it was very romantic.


try this website too as sometimes have cool day trips one to elora ontario was pretty good.


Me and my husband have decided to stop with 2 kids, and for me that is the hardest decision to make (I still get the urge to just have another)
I will FOREVER miss the kicking and jabbing.

I agree with everyone, just relax, go anywhere and enjoy not having to haul tons of stuff with you or cut your trip short due to feeding schedule and crabby kids. My biggest suggestion is to enjoy being spontaneous...it will be awhile before you can be spontaneous again! I miss just making decisions on the whim, and not having to think about schedules etc!!
Posted by Anonymous Donna :  December 07, 2006

rent a movie and relax I would :)
Posted by Blogger rachael :  December 07, 2006

Sleep, sleep for two weeks straight. Do absolutely nothing!

Good luck in these last few weeks. I am so so so so excited for you and cant wait to see pictures of the new little man in your life!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  December 07, 2006

Good luck in the last few weeks meant finding something to do that is fun and wild as a family of two.
Posted by Blogger TBG :  December 07, 2006

Nicole (our oldest) was due on Valentine's Day. Since there was no sign that she was in any rush to arrive, we went out for Chinese food. The waittress asked when I was due, and I said, nonchalantly, "Today". She looked at me and said, rather horrified, "you're not going to have it HERE are you?"

Chinese food was about as close to a hot date as we got at that point.
Posted by Blogger Heather :  December 08, 2006


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