Rise to Fame
by Karla ° Friday, October 28, 2005
I have often wondered what it would be like to be famous. What would it be like to have people immediately recognize me when I entered a room full of strangers? How would I react if I saw a twinkle of familiarity in someone’s eye as they watched me pass on by, or if I received a friendly wink of recognition or even a warm hearty wave from a stranger expressing their hellos?

As of late, I have had my fare share of fame and recognition from some adoring fans. They smile and wave as they flock to me wondering how they can be of assistance. Ahh yes, there is nothing quite like the selfish, egotistical and self righteous rise to fame.

Not too worry. I have not let this recent increase in notoriety go to my head. I’m quite aware that the circumstances underlying my recent bout of celebutante style fame are somewhat peculiar and out of the ordinary. In fact, many would attribute my rise to stardom as pure luck or complete lack of organization skills, but hey, in this line of work, everyone is a critic.

That being said, I think it is important to publicly address and thank my adoring fans for all of their help and support over the past few weeks.


To all the employees at The Home Depot, thank you. Thank you for helping me understand that I can do it, and that you can help! I couldn’t have gotten to where I am today without you.

I know I must look like a crazed fool bumbling around the store with my ragged bed head, tattered paint covered clothes and scary makeup less face, but that is the price you pay for stardom I suppose. The more harried and distraught you look the more eager the lovely people at The Home Depot are to figure out how to help.

It’s like I have found a home away from home. Often times, I find myself there several times a day to relish in my new found fame and recognition. I could make just one trip and not two when venturing out to buy the extra painters tape and paint tray I need, but no, I prefer to go twice, not because I am completely unorganized and a total rookie at home reno stuff and really have no clue what I am doing, but because I like to wave at all the friendly people. Even the breast gawker and I have come to terms with each other and exchange friendly waves when we pass each other.

You may question the credibility of my new found fame. Some wonder whether or not I should be embarrassed that the guy in the baseboard aisle, the guy in the hardwood floor aisle, the kitchen counter top girl, the five paint staff and the bathroom aisle guy all recognize me. You may even wonder if the friendly people at The Home Depot think I am retarded and kinda freaky for visiting the store so frequently.

There is so much to ponder when it comes to figuring out why some of us are famous, and in the few moments of clarity I get when the paint fumes clear at the air at the end of the day, I begin to question my sanity too. However, when the sun rises the next morning, and paint fumes begin to penetrate the air and my nostrils once again, I take a deep breath to acknowledge and accept that I am unemployed and then make the most of my day by terrorizing my home. Of course, the overwhelming urge to return to the Home Depot eventually sets it, not because I am unorganized mind you, but because I really do find it amusing that they wave at me every time they see me.

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Thanks for the laugh Karla, It has been awhile since we heard from ya, now I know why it is your new found fame. Dont forget about your adoring internet fans!

I love the home depot they are always so nice.

You will have to post pictures of all your home improvement projects
Posted by Blogger TBG :  October 28, 2005

Well the people here at our Home Depot are hard to find and never seem to work in the department they are in. But I do love the place.
We rent a very outdated house and we have recently decided to spend OUR money to make the place look better, maybe we would appreciate it more.
So give me a shopping spree and I hate to say I would go to Home Depot!!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  October 28, 2005

Hubba-hubba and I were like that at a particular restaurant a few years back. We knew everyone that worked there, and for a while, they all knew exactly what we were going to order. At first it was cool, but then it was a bit embarassing. We stopped going there for a while. So, I know exactly how you feel!
Posted by Blogger Gina :  October 28, 2005

You are so lucky. My own family hardly even says hello. I think it's because I'm to good for them, tee,hee..

A very good post. Perhaps I should go there a make some friends.
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  October 28, 2005

Great post. I don't feel so bad now that the folks at WalMart know me and smile and wave!! Glad I'm not the only DORK who goes to the same store more than once per day ;-) And just think, I'm squeezing in work too! Oh, and I'm not unorganized either. I just like visiting the store ;-) How's the poopy wall these days? Haha, just teasin' ya!

Oh, oh, oh! I used to work at the Home Depot, as a cashier! I was only there about six or seven months, but I had SO many regular customers that would come through my line. I had contractors and laborers that would come through several times a day (one would come about 10-15 some days!). Then there were the do-it-yourselfers that were fixing up their houses. I loved them the most! I sold almost every bit of the stuff needed to one guy that was building a screened in porch on the back of his house. He was so great to talk to when he came to check out. When he finished making it, he brought pictures for me to see it, and told me I had a part in it! That was so great! I bet all those people there feel the same way about you and your projects! I bet they love you as much as I loved my customers!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  October 31, 2005

HAHA!!! Both my husband and I used to work at The Home Depot. Well, I hardly worked there, but my husband did for almost four years. Believe it or not, some of the customers were invited to our wedding!!! I am laughing out loud right now!!! You just might become life long friends with those waving, smiley people=)=)lol!!!
Posted by Blogger Angela :  November 01, 2005

The Home depot reminds me of my father, he was always fixing this and that and making home repairs. Its like his hobby. Just the sound of wood sawing and hitting nails makes me feel ill.
Posted by Blogger kathy :  November 02, 2005

Personally I'm a Lowes girl unless I get paint. We've a friend in the paint department at Home Depot. What that has to do with anything I don't know.
Posted by Blogger Chelsea :  November 03, 2005


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