by Karla ° Tuesday, March 21, 2006
I’m about as girly as girly gets, minus the whole nylons and skirt business. And that is probably why I failed miserably in the field of geophysics. There was no way I could survive in a desolate forest where my strange quirk for smelly creams and perfumy redolence would attract swarms of flesh biting bugs. Or even worse, survive in the barren wilderness where electrical outlets for blow dryers are about as non existence as toilets that flush.

I have been having a secret love affair with my blow dryer for years. Many mornings begin with heated hanky panky, and an “oh so smoothing” blow out. I can’t stop myself. It’s as addicting as Desperate Housewives and chocolate. Anyone cursed born with Little Orphan Annie ringlets knows what I mean (and probably has their own fair share of hot air flings and bathroom blow dryer trysts).

Smoothing out my swirly whirly locks has been a constant battle between my blow dryer and the tragedy of a lion mane sprouting out of my head ever since puberty hit and I wanted to kiss a boy. The whole hair domestication process takes 45 minutes and involves specific products, brushes, clips and other complicated hexes. It is also a process that only works, despite praying and straightening voodoo spells, when the air is dry. Minuscule amounts of moisture will sends my hair into a frizzy pandemonium and ultimately, that means I am forced to wear my curls on display and give my blow dryer, and all the steamy passion we share behind closed bathroom doors, a day off.

I don’t really have a point to all of this, except that my hair has grown insanely long. I can pull my hair from behind my back around under my arm pits. Since I am no longer a teeny bopper, have no intentions on becoming a hippie and have no recollection of idolizing Crystal Gale, I’m quite certain that means it’s time for a hair cut.

And I dread hair cuts.

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I am not one for spending time with my hair... my poor neglected hair. I wash it, and tie it back. I have no idea how to do anything with it at all. I always sorta wished I was one to spend time on my hair, but I guess I'm just lazy.

For me, a trip to the salon is a major treat. After a wash/cut and style, I feel great, because I "look like I just stepped out of the salon". The next day, not so much.... back to low maitenance, stringy hair tied back. *yuck*

Do you have a regular stylist that you see? Sometimes finding someone you are comfortable with makes getting a hair cut an easier experience.
Posted by Blogger Mandi :  March 21, 2006

Ah, I'm bald on top and balding above my neck at the back, and I keep my hair short, and it still curls if it gets a smidgen too long.
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  March 21, 2006

See, I've always envied you curly people! My hair is straight and flat as can be no matter what! I even got a perm in 7th grade and it was straight again in 3 days.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  March 22, 2006

Us curly heads are s'posed to stick together. Wear the curls with pride!! They're much easier to maintain, and curls can be as diverse as straight hair. For some reason my hair gets curlier every year. When it's dry, it just touches my shoulders. When wet, it's to the middle of my back. It's got a life of it's own!

I hate haircuts, too. So I cut it myself. No sense in spending $50 on something that even if I messed up a little, no one would know, and for free!! Good luck. : )
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 22, 2006

Oh man your hair has gotten long! I never had the obsession with the hair dryer but I really should!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  March 23, 2006

My hair is long, but not as long as yours! It is straight, and I just wash it, put some mousse, and I am done. No dryers, no curlers, nada.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  March 25, 2006

you have beautiful curls, some people pay big bucks for hair like yours
Posted by Anonymous Anonymous :  March 27, 2006

You do have a beautiful mane of hair. My hair is naturally curly too, but that’s the beard.

If I want hair on my head I have to do a comb over on top of my face.
Besides, what’s more girly-girl than curls?
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  March 28, 2006

Man! You just reminded me that I forgot to buy a brush today while I was at the store! Now I'm gonna have to go another week w/o one! Does that tell you anything about how much effort I put into my hair?
Posted by Blogger Christi :  April 02, 2006

PS-I remember Julia's perm. It really didn't take three was more like a day and a half!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  April 02, 2006


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