Samson – A Short Story of Companionship
by Karla ° Thursday, March 30, 2006
As Samson approaches that pivotal day in his life where his manhood will be robbed and his two hulking nutsacks will undergo some serious repurposing, I thought I would take some time to reflect on all the joy he has brought into my life.

Despite his biting, blobs and blobs of poop, jumping, accidents, humping and retard fits, I can’t imagine life without a puppy anymore.

Sure it looks like I farm cows in my 30 x 30 foot yard with all of the poop he leaves behind, but it’s hard not to smile and feel proud of his mammoth elimination habits when he proudly returns and gives a “High Five” after finishing his business.

Of course it’s disgusting that he likes to hunt down every morsel of trash and litter when out for a walk, but seeing the pride wash over him as he tries to gobble up his delicious garbage discoveries is really quite endearing. However, it’s gross and dangerous, so I have no qualms crushing his spirit and jamming my fingers down his throat to fish out the mostly unidentifiable items out of his mouth. I have the war wounds to prove my steadfast devotion to avoiding emergency intestinal surgery.

He loves water. So much so in fact, that he dives head first in the water bowl, with such vigor, that I have considered equipping him with snorkeling gear so he doesn’t drown himself. His love for water doesn’t stop there. Queerly enough, he finds bubble baths perplexingly fun. If he is not standing at the side of the tub trying to eat bubbles off my toes, he is trying to jump in the tub for deliciously luxurious swimming lessons amid apple scented bubbles.

He also shows no shame or remorse when he greets company at the door with an energetic episode of crotch sniffing. I know it’s acceptable in the culture of doggism to use such asinine methods to meet and greet the population at large, but I suspect my company doesn’t much enjoy the glaring spotlight on their genital area. Therefore, I resolve to work harder on practicing his ability to simply “wave”.

Despite all his puppy peculiarities, he is a welcome distraction from past year of devastation we’ve been faced with. His intelligence, goofiness and steadfast determination to make friends with the cats never fails to make me smile. His devotion to learning and persistence to be a cuddly lap dog has developed into an undeniable bond that I am grateful we share.

And it is that bond that I want to keep. For that reason, I need to take him to the testicle chop shop, so his fiercely loyal companionship to me remains, and he doesn’t have the desire to run off and sire some bitch.

The End.


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So, you're saying that crotch sniffing is ass-inine?
Posted by Blogger Anvilcloud :  March 30, 2006

Mammoth elimination habits, indeed!
Posted by Blogger Kurt :  March 30, 2006

Goodness, is he ever getting big.
Posted by Blogger Cuppa :  March 30, 2006

He looks absolutely gorgeous! I finally got some good pictures of Mable on my digital camera to put on my blog or email to you, I will do that before the weekend has ended. How old is Samson again? I think he's a month older than my puppy. She's about 40 pounds now and full of piss and vigor!
Posted by Blogger `*Pansy*~ :  March 30, 2006

Samson is 17 weeks old (18 weeks this Sunday) and weighs about 34 lbs now. We're getting him neutured when he is about 23 -24 weeks old.
Posted by Blogger Karla :  March 30, 2006

i can see how much he has grown! what a handsome guy he is! i have 4 dogs lol so you can just imagine the poop i have!!! enought poop to generate enough electricty for my whole house and garage! LOL i love my dogs. i could not live without them.
Posted by Blogger kathy :  March 30, 2006

I'm switching back and forth between the pictures of him from your Stinky McFlea post to now, and I gotta agree with Cuppa, 'Goodness, is he ever getting big'. He seems healthy and happy too.
Good for you getting him snipped. I had one dog I didn't do that to and I regretted it for years.
You'd think all those yard land-mines would be good fertilizer, wouldn't you? No such.
Give him a pat for me.
Posted by Blogger methatiam :  March 31, 2006

He grew fast! I speak from experience when I say you might have a dog bigger than you that still wants to sit in your lap!
Posted by Blogger Julia :  March 31, 2006

That puppy is adorable! Oh my he is so big!
Posted by Blogger TBG :  March 31, 2006

My oh my, Samson is so big now!! I can't really relate that handsome dog in the pic to a puppy, really. He looks like a grown dog!!

It's sweet that Samson loves to be a cuddly lap dog, but hope your legs won't go numb later when he gets even bigger and heavier. My Great Dane loved to jump on my lap and pretend to be a chihuahua, but because he was twice my size, my dad had to train him to be less enthusiastic. On one hand I really loved the dog's friendliness and passion, but on the other hand I was worried about my safety...

You get company? I'm so jealous.
Posted by Blogger Christi :  April 02, 2006

Our oldest dog liked to sniff peoples butts. Not just a friendly little sniff mind you, but putting his nose as into the crack as he could. We called him a "crack addict". He has since been in rehab and I currently see no signs of a return to the addiction of his youth.
Posted by Blogger Chelsea :  May 13, 2006


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