Mr. Body
by Karla ° Thursday, August 3, 2006
It has happened.

I just couldn’t hold back any longer.

Memories of my old love affair began twirling in my mind and I just couldn’t resist opening the floodgates and inviting him back into my life once again.

This isn’t just some cheap old love affair like the hot and steamy
hanky-panky I share with my blow dryer when straightening the curly ringlets that germinate from my tortured scalp, this is a full blown tryst with the most huggable bed buddy in the world. He’s so soft that even my husband doesn’t seem to mind sharing the bed for a little three way spooning.

He’s very accepting of my ballooning girth, and offers the most comforting support. He even lays there all night while I smoother him between my legs. He brings a total sense of relief and I enjoy the most enchantedly deep sleeps when we share the bed together. I know the sense of camaraderie that we share is limited to those intimate moments in my life when I’m harvesting a pumpkin where my appendix and stomach used to me, but his short stay is a huge welcome under the girth of my commodiously expanding midsection.

Mr. Body Pillow is like a little piece of heaven, and even though I think my husband gets slightly jealous that I prefer snuggling with my puffy pillow over him, his acceptance and understanding of my wants and needs (like sleep) is endearing.

Although, part of me wonders if he is secretly harboring a tab bit of resentment for Mr. Body Pillow. Last night he came home from work and told me he sold all of his stocks and mutual funds and bought a bean farm. Either he wants to gas Mr. Pillow out of my life or he's looking for some serious attention.

I just don’t know if I can tear myself away from Mr. Body’s perfectly adequate five feet of pure substantial bliss.

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I loved my Body pillow, too. Soooooo comfy for preggie bellies.
Posted by Blogger Deborah :  August 03, 2006

I never bought a body pillow... but I slept with about 4 or 5 pillows when I was pregnant... and even after! Sooo comfortable. :)
Posted by Blogger aka_Meritt :  August 03, 2006

I hope it's a magic bean farm.
Posted by Blogger Julia :  August 03, 2006

Mr body Pillow is only for when you are pregnant? I can see that... hubbie has to accept it as part of pregnancy. Giggle... a bean farm, I wonder did he really buy a bean farm? Could be a new healthly lifestyle thing too ;)
Posted by Blogger Irene S :  August 03, 2006

I can't sleep without my body pillow. I bought one when I was first pregnent with Mackenzie and I have had one ever since.
Posted by Blogger Tammy :  August 03, 2006

I always wished I'd bought one when pregnant. Instead, I slept with about three or four pillows - one of them tucked between my knees.
Posted by Blogger Heather :  August 03, 2006

you are so funny! I have a special pillow in my car that i'm attached too! i understand this. ;-)
Posted by Blogger kathy :  August 03, 2006

My mom made me one of these when I was pregnant. Seriously, the most wonderful thing to come along to a pregnant lady!
Posted by Blogger Mandi :  August 04, 2006

Man, I missed out on one of those. Had to settle for regular crappy pillows.
Posted by Blogger Gina :  August 04, 2006

My hubby tolerated 7 (yes, seven) pillows in our bed. They are crucial for pregnant women to be able to rest.
Posted by Blogger Wash Lady :  August 04, 2006

I had this stuffed frog I LOVED, with my 1st,it fit ever so perfectly around my belly. Husband was way too jealous, had to get rid of it. Nothing seemed to help with the second, the body pillow was too big for my 4'11" self, even though I begged my husband to go buy me one NOW!
Posted by Blogger Donna :  August 04, 2006


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