Food and a Stomach on the Verge of Exploding
by Karla ° Tuesday, October 10, 2006
Having a stuffy nose, germ cooties erecting sandpaper skyscrapers in the lining of my esophagus and a uterus the size of a beach ball all the same time makes the seemingly simple act of eating and breathing one hell of a challenge.

When I chew, I cannot breathe and am left gasping for air between mouthfuls of food.

Even though I can manage to get enough oxygen to make it through a meal, my uterus hogs all the room that my stomach used to have to accommodate food, and what little space is left in my stomach causes my lungs to flatten up against my left rib in a suffocating struggle for roominess.

All of this has left me with a terrible terrible dilemma.

My stomach has so little room for food these days that the bag of chips I bought to eat last Friday remains uneaten. That’s five days of tantalizing temptation that I haven’t been able to give into. It’s a gruesome tragedy really, but every time I think about devouring them, I realize that I haven’t eaten enough fruit yet or I still have a serving of veggies to pack away. And just when I think I’ve actually squeezed enough nutrition into my belly for the baby, I’ll realize that I still have to cram some calcium in there for good measure.

By the time I get all the bare minimums out the way, I’ve either fallen asleep or I'm so full I can't even fathom wobbling to the cupboard to get them. I do however, have a keen chip thief radar and have caught my husband more than once riffling through the cupboards in search of them. They are mine, and I will eat them, just as soon as a I figure out a way to stuff them inside of me without bursting.

Is it just me, or does it look like even the dog is lusting after my salty snacks?


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You really are in a dilemma, aren't you!

P.S.-Love the dog. Reminds me of the black lab we had growing up except of course yours is yellow and not black. Anyway, you get the point, right?

Posted by Blogger Beth :  October 10, 2006

I would put chips in my salad, or sandwich or use them as can always find room for chips :-)

mmmmm now I want chips.
Posted by Blogger Supervisor :  October 10, 2006

While pregnant I would always eat the good stuff (chips, cookies. etc) first then if I was too full for veggies I didn't care. No wonder I gained so much!
Posted by Anonymous Amanda :  October 10, 2006

I'd give the dog the chips. I don't know what the heck he is chewing on but it looks like part of a human..
Your husband isn't missing any body parts is he..

This new diabetic diet I'm supposed to be following, which I'm not, says I'm supposed to eat six times a day. SIX TIMES A DAY???!!! I'm eating my "morning snack" right now, three hours after breakfast, and it is killing me to even try to down a 1/4 cup of peanuts! Before said diet, I was eating twice a day most of the time, w/a little dinner and some various snacks throughout the day on rare occasions. I totally feel your pain! There's no room in me for six times eating a day!
Posted by Blogger Christi :  October 11, 2006

When I was pregnant my favourite snack food was red licorish. Come to think of it.. it still is. :-) Nothing wrong with indulging every once in awhile.
Posted by Anonymous Coll :  October 11, 2006


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